NEC ND1300A or lite-on LDW-411S?

NEC ND1300A(144$) or lite-on LDW-411S (165$)?

Which Dvd-+RW would everyone suggest to buy for general use (Protected cd copy, DVD-video 1:1 copy,…) ?

Thanks for any suggestions!

I’ve never used the Lite-on, so I can’t say which is “best”, but I’ve been pleased with my NEC 1300a so far.

I am using one of Herrie’s firmware upgrades, and I only use high quality disks, so I probably avoided a lot of potential problems with those two steps.

By the way, Newegg is selling the 1300a for $119. No software included, since its a bulk version.

The LiteOn is better at copying protected CD’s (protected DVDs aren’t any problem sofar, as simple protections like CSS can be descrambled with very simple software), but it seems that the media compatibility of the NEC (with unofficial firmwares!!!) is somewhat better. Also, the writing quality of the NEC is said to be better.

As I never worked with the LiteOn drive so far, I can only speak from other people’s experiences. I’ve had my NEC1300a for about half a year now and I am still very satisfied with it. The only thing that sucks about them, is the firmwares released by Nec. Luckily enough, is the place where good firmwares are brought to us :).

Another very good drive (somewhat more expensive, but it seems to burn at a slightly higher quality, and is very compatible with all kind of cheap media), is the Pioneer A01/106 burner.

i haven’t had problems with my 1300A either and i also use Herrie’s firmwares (the correct url is; Dee-ehn accidentally left out the “c”). i haven’t encountered media problems, but i’ve only used two types of discs so far: ricoh +r, and cmc -r, and both burn well (for anyone who wants to badger me about using cmc, i got them cheap and use them for giving to friends; i keep the ricohs for myself :p).

From which firmware should I use Normal / Free or Auto Reset ? Which is the difference?

Thanks for the suggestions.

taken from Herrie’s site:

What are these ‘Normal’, ‘Auto Reset’ and ‘Free’-versions?
Normal: RPC2 (For people in Region 2 who don’t watch DVD’s from other regions).
Auto Reset: For people that watch DVD’s from other regions on a regular base.
Free: RPC1 (People from the US who don’t watch DVD’s from other regions).

in other words, Normal leaves the drive as rpc2, Auto Reset resets the number of region changes for the drive back to 5 after every reset, and Free makes the drive region free.

what the better firmware? auto or free?