Nec nd1300a can't burn or erase cd-rw

i have one nec dvdrw nd1300a and i can’t burn or erase cdrw. all these media cannot write or erase.

what’s the problem. what can i do to solve this.


:confused: :sad:

Try different, more expensive media. If that does not solve your problem, it might help to clean the lens of your drive.

thanks but, i do this and don’t solve the problem.

Any packet writing software installed? (Nero InCd, Roxio Direct CD)
If so, these can interfere with CD-RW processes.
Uninstall these and try again. :wink:

Look up my postings here:

basically, some 1300 nec drives were defective and quite a few people reported problems with cd-rw not working well with this drive.

  • the only solution, get a warranty replacement or sell on ebay and buy another one