Nec nd1300_a: "laser calibration error"

Hi Guys!

  1. sorry for my english :slight_smile:

  2. i have a big problem. I have bought a NEC-ND1300A before 1.2 years.
    The writer ond the first months writes all the dvd-s correctly withount problems.
    BUT from many months ago now i have always an error message: “power calibration error” .

I have nero6. I have the firmware in the writer: 1.0B. (i have no ewer found on the net). Chaintech 7NJL1 mainboard, 8 pin original tube IDEcables. 3 HDD-s ( 120G Segate, 120G Hitachi, 80G WD (the dvdwriter is in one cable with 80G WD).

I have now reinstalled windows, and the problem was gone, BUT after I write 4 dvd-s without error, then 1 day later the problem come again. I CHANGED NOTHING IN WINDOWS, NOT INSTALLED NEW PROGRAM AND UNMOUNTED ALL ALCOHOL120 virual drives.

The 4 goodwritten DVD-s was Ridata DVD-R 8x, the 1 empty what i found and cannot write is Ridata G04 4x. (from the Ridata 4x have i writed from months ago good issues too, but later comes always the message "laser (or) power calibration error " (the hungarian version of nero say’s “laser” the english “power”.

I have 420W chieftec power inside my tower.

The “regular” procedure is always:

1.i insert the image in nero6
2 i start the burn
3. the dvdwriters led is burning and the HDD leds too (always the same effect on all three HDD-s)
4. waiting waiting…
5. if i have bad luck, the writer is begin the lead in and the error message come by 1%. if i have “good luck”, the writer begins not the lead in, so the empty dvd goes not in the trashcan.

I have defragmented the partitions HDD-s too.

I have on the first error times back the writer to the computer shop. The guys updated the firmware from 1.07 to 1.0B and the problem gone. but not forewer :(( after 8-10 good piece it begins again the error messages…

PLEASE SOMEBODY HELP ME, BECAUSE on the writer the 1 year warranty is over now :(((


Flash 1.0C or use better media which is recommended by NEC.

ND3500 is only $50…save yourself the headache.
For the NEC 1300A firmware version 1.0C


He writes from Hungary where $50 equals a two-three day salary. BTW the price of ND3500 is ~75-80 bucks here (including the 25% VAT).

Hi Guys!


I purchased today RIDATA 8X blank dvd-R -s. (ritec G05)the first is goes to the trashcan, nero stops by 1%, laser calibarion error.

Then i come back here to see the answers of You and your friends here.
I updated 1.0B firmware to 1.0C. I insert another new blank.

I start the burning. The writer begins the writing extremly slow, but don’t killed the blank. The time goes, and is see, that after 13 minutes the writing is by only 50%.
I think the writer writes at 2x speed… :frowning:

I have bought 2 piece TDK DVD-R too, and before the firmware update the writer writes it corretly at 4x speed.

The burnprocess is now on 70%…

I waiting for the 100% and come back later :slight_smile:

Hmm, 1 reach the 100% ! :slight_smile: nero tells me: 4X write complete. The time was 29 min approxmimately…

I used before 1-2-3 months Ridata 4x (ritec G04) dvd-r -s, and nec writed it corretly (not all, but all the good pieces on 4X speed). Later (from not to many days ago) i writed Ridata 8x DVD-R-s on 4x speed correctly. Today the first was trash what i says before. Now the burner writes it, but extremly slow…

I run now the nero speedtest on the freshly written DVDR. Pathetic… :frowning:
I uploaded the screenshot to my server:

The NEC ND-3500 in Hungary 17500 Forint ( 1 dollar currently ca. 190 Forint ) therefore the burner is ca. 92$ (including Hungarian VAT) :smiley:

I can’t purchase at the moment a new burner, but i thinking on a Plextor PX-716A burner (29500 Forint = 155$) because i want to buy quality :slight_smile: in the feature.
But i waiting 1-2 months for buy, and i need a solution to this writer in this time…


If anyone has another ideas, tell me!

GaBRIeL / ai Creative

Make sure that DMA is enabled and also update Nero to the latest version.