NEC ND1100A Speed Loss (4x --- 2.4x)




I think since i formatted my machine my drive has stopped burning at 4x, im almost certain of this and its very strange indeed

I havent changed any settings since the format and everything is exactly how it was before apart from the fact i cannot burn at 4x, only at 2.4x

I cant select to burn at 4x in nero, cdrwin, alcohol etc etc

When i do a sys info test it says 2.4x capabilty, the cd burning side has not changed, still burn at 16x

The machine is under 3 years warranty through work but Fujitsu support are adamant that it must be a software or media problem. I have tried about 10 different brands of discs today, updated aspi layers, got latest official firmware. Fujitsu support were unwilling to take it any further until i started shouting down the phone at them and now second line are calling me back.

Does anyone know why this has suddenly hapenned?

SP2 is on, and has been taken off and still the same

Any help much appreciated