Nec Nd1100 A

My father just bought a new dvd drive for his computer. I, in return for installing the drive for him, recieved his old dvd drive. My computer reconizes the drive and will play music, but when I try to burn a dvd disc it does not reconize the the drive. The dvd drive is a NEC ND-1100A

Have you actually done any research on the 1100A?

Do you know that:

  1. it’s only a 4x DVD burner, feeding any faster, current DVD media may not be recognized in the firmware.
  2. it’s only a +R burner and will not burn -R.

You could make it burning +R and -R, but probably is not worth the hassle.

Just use SEARCH and you will be enlightened. :slight_smile:

Thank you for your replies. Although I didn’t explain my situation all that well. I simply unplugged the nd1100a and plugged in the hp 1040i in my fathers computer. The hp 1040i started burning without any problems. When I put the nd1100a in my computer it will play cd’s and dvd’s but will not respond when I try to burn dvd’s. Both disc drives in my computer are connected on the same ribbon, the ribbon splices into the first drive and continues to the second. My computer says that the drive is working properly, although the location is 0/0. Do I need to install some sort of hardware for the drives burn function to work? Do I need to configure the master/slave settings? I know that the drive is a BIT outdated, but I would really like for my computer to be able to burn dvds!

Location 0/0 usually indicates Primary Master, as long as you don’t have both drives set as Masters or Slaves, the 1100A should work fine. However, finding media to burn on it with good results may be hard since it IS a 4x burner. It most likely will not recognize any 16x-rated media since firmware support stopped LONG ago. If you are adamant about using it, you still can, but don’t expect good results afterwards. Best bet is to buy a new drive.

My Nd1100A burns 16X Verbatim DVD+R about as well as it burns better quality 2X and 4X discs, but it only burns it and other unrecognized media codes at 2X.

This burner is one product to go into a museum these days.
Even if it still works for you, it will not last forever. 30min to burn only 1 disc? I wouldnt waste that time anymore. :bigsmile:

Thank you for all your replies! I got it figured out and the main problem was operator error. Take care.