Nec-nd1000a Dvd+r/+rw £125 Uk

A rebadged NEC-ND1000A DVD+R/+RW for £125, add=on a few blank disks and even then the postage is only £3.99. Go get it…

DVD+R write-once recording at 2.4x .

DVD+RW re-writeable speed at 2.4x .

Pressed DVD-ROM reading is at 12x .

CD-R write speed has been increased to 16x .

High-Speed CD-RW speed has been increased to 10x .

CD-ROM reading speed is 40x .

All things considered, this drive is great value for money.

This drive comes complete with accessories. It is supplied with software, cables, installation screws


This unit comes with a 1 year guarantee from the date of purchase.

Bigpockets are now doing the same drive for £5 less…£119.99. However, it is not a retail pack and so I suspect you don’t get the installation pack and 5 blank discs.

I think there is a bit of a price battle going on here!! Blankdiscshop have reduced their price to £114.99 and it still includes the 5 blank discs and installation kit.

My order arrived today. It is not boxed but is well packaged. It came with Nero Express an IDE cable, mounting screws and the 5 blank discs. The drive was actually an original NEC and not the rebadged Datawrite they advertise (although it may vary). I have successfully burnt my first 2 disks.