Nec nd100 help

Hi everybody.
just joined your wonderfull site,allways found answers before but now need to ask for help if you can.I have a nec dvd recorder nd1100 just updated the firmware except my computer shut down before it finnished and its left it not working and with the light flashing as though it is in use,it shows up on the system but the firmware update will not find it. If i ender the drive letter it says it is incorrect.Anything i can do or is it now bin fodder,please help if you can as i am dissabled and rely on my computer every day :sad:
thanks jc100

Go to the NEC sub forum forum and they will help!
You might be able to use BIN flash!

Welcome jc100,

is the drive recognized in the BIOS and/or the Devicemanager?
If yes, under which name?

From the L&D FAQ:

Q: Something went wrong during my firmware flash, can I recover my drive?
A: Most likely yes, but you might have to do this in pure DOS. Use The Dangerous Brothers DOS utility to flash a known good firmware back onto your drive. Step by step instructions for flashing in DOS can be found here. Please be advised. You flash your drive at your own risk.

Hi to ETP & Chef
Many thanks for pointing me in the right direction,i did manage to get the tool to work and it now works again,many many thanks :bow: :bow: :bow:
now for the next prob…will try and get it on the right listing.


that sounds good.

Have Fun!