NEC ND-7551A - My first scans



All burns/scans were done under minimal system load conditions using Liggy’s 1-02 RPC1 firmware (apart from the first one which was done with the original NEC 1-02 firmware. I noticed that this drive suffers from the same problems as my previous one (ND-6550A), which was very high PIEs towards the middle of the burn with cheap media. Will try it with some Yudens and MCCs next.

…Just realized that I can’t upload the scans. :confused: Will post them as soon as the server allows…

By the way, when burning with ImgBurn I noticed that the percentage of the drive’s buffer never goes more than 96% (whereas the buffer’s green bar is full). Is this normal with these burners?


First burn on RICOHJPN R01 (002) x4 DVD+R, burned at x4 with original 1-02 frmwr, scanned with 3 drives:


Second burn on same media at x4 this time with Liggy 1-02 frmwr flashed to the drive. All subsequent burns will be done using this frmwr


Third burn, again same media this time burned at x2.4


Fourth burn on RITEK R03 (002) (Maxell Made In Japan x8 DVD+R), burned at x6


5th burn again on RITEK R03 (002) at x6. Disaster… I can only put it down to a defective disc, since all subsequent media from this batch burned well. Notice the spike differences between the different scanners. When scanned with the Samsung there was an ugly spike at the beginning of the burn, but on the DW1640 and 1650 scans the ugliness manifested itself towards the end…


6th burn, Vebratim x8 DVD-R (MCC 02RG20) burned at x6.


7th burn on PRODISC R03 003 x8 DVD+R, burned at x8


8th burn (second on PRODISC R03 003), this time at x4


9th burn, (third on PRODISC R03 003), again at x4


10th burn (4th on PRODISC R03 003), this time burned at x8 like the first burn of this media. There quality of the scans varied a lot between the three scanners. The 1640 gave it a decent 95, whereas the 1650 and the Samsung gave it a 20 and a 77 respectively…


First DL burn on a RiVision x2.4 DVD+R DL (PHILIPS CD2 000). I’ve had better results when burning these on my 1655. This one was burned using Alcohol 120%.


Thank you very much. Have you ever burned a Verbatim 16x +R (MCC004)?


I’ve burned them in the past but not on the 7551 yet, need to buy some more.


Had some terrible results with Mitsubishi media, apparently Mitsubishi Japan and Mitsubishi Europe both produce discs at different plants, the European ones are Taiwanese and not as good as the Japanese ones… I bought them expecting the usual Mitsubishi Japan media codes but when I got home and poped them in the drive I realized they were the Taiwanese variant… Thankfully I only got a few. Here is the first one:
Media code MJC 003 (000)
Mitsubishi x8 DVD+R
It was recognized by the ND-7551 as x2.4 MAX and burned at that speed. I got a big fat zero when I scanned it with my BenQ DW1650@BCFC but the Samsung SH-W162C@TS11, and the BenQ DW1655@BCGB gave it a 90 and 76 respectively. Here are the scans on all three drives:


Mitsubishi x8 DVD-R media code MJC ME, recognized by the drive as x4 MAX and burned at that speed, produced zeros in all three scanners. Here’s one of them:


At this point I re-flashed the drive with Liggy’s 1-02 firmware and started fresh. Burned some Datawrite Titanium x8 DVD+R (PRODISC R03 003) at x4 and x8. The first one at x4 was decent:


The second PRODISC R03 003 was burned at x6 and it was a disaster. I’ve had both decent burns and bad ones with this media on the ND-7551 at x6 and x8, but none that bad (and they were all discs from the same spindle). I only get decent results from these discs at x4 speed, if I go upt to x6 or x8 it’s luck of the draw, I sometimes get some decent burns, other times I don’t… Anyway, here is the x6 burn:


RICOHJPN R01 002 - Datawrite Classic Red x4, burned x4. These produced very high PIEs in all my burners, the PIE count skyrocketed after reaching roughtly 30% of the burn/scan. I burned them on all my 4 active burners with the same high PIE results, if you browse up on this thread you can see some of my initial burns on this media on the 7551 before the re-flash. There is a huge PIE ‘hump’ in all of them. Since I reflashed the ND-7551 I found out that this problem disappeared, PIEs are now low for this media throughout the burn. I suspect it may be the discs though, I’m gonna burn them on the BenQs and Samsung to see if the problem has disappeared on them too, as I’m now on the second spindle of these discs and it could be that the first spindle was part of a bad batch… Here is the very decent result scanned in all three drives:


After burning 3 more spindles of those Datawrites without a huge PIE hump appearing, I can now pretty safely presume that the huge PIE hump on those first discs must have been down to the specific batch.