[nec nd-7550A] burning troubles


i’ve got since a few days a toshiba satellite a100-683 notebook.
When i burned a few dvd’s yesterday i stumbled on a problem:

1st dvd: no troubles
2nd: movie stopt playing after about ±40 minutes, reburning didn’t help
3rd: other movie, but exactly same problem as the previous one.
After this i burned them on another computer with a nec ND-3500AG: no troubles at all

During burning i didn’t get any errors but i did noticed something: it was burning at 6*, it should burn at 8*.
When the movies “hang”, AsusDVD gave a message: The dvd might have been damaged or dirty. Both not true: i’ve checked the dvd’s for scratches and dirt béfore burning.

Any idea what’s going wrong?? Is the burner broken or is there something else going on?

With regards,
Bart Grefte

OS: XP home + sp2
Burning software: nero
dvd’s: Philips 4,5GB 1-8* dvd+r
hardware id: IDE\CdRom_NEC_DVD_RW_ND-7550A_____________1.32___

[I]where’s the edit-button??[/I]

the philips disc are recognized by nero info-tool as [B]INFOME R20[/B], max speed: 6*(it should be 8)

Just now i tried burning a sony dvd+r 4,5GB 1-4* disc, this one is recognized as: RICOHJPN R01, max speed 4* (this is right), well… this type seems to work

i’ll keep you posted, im testing it now and burning a second sony disc

[I]again no edit button[/I]

both sony dvd’s are working fine.

So i think it really was a compatibility issue…

[thread=99500]Here you can read why[/thread]

hmmm ,okay!

Back ontopic: is there anyone who can confirm the issues with philips discs and a nec nd7550a dvd burner? I find it kinda strange since ive never seen a dvd burner which cán’t (succesfully) burn philips discs

Just try with better media, eg. from TY and Verbatim.
Infomedia DYEs always were weak candidates.