NEC ND-6750A and error testing?

I just received this drive for my laptop. I noticed it can error test in CD/Speed. How well does it error check. I did one of my TY T02’s and I’ll post the scan after work.

I am not sure what the settings should be for it, so if someone can please advise me, I would appreciate it. I did get a 98 quality score on my test using 5x speed. The PIE was high not sure the exact #, but he PIE was low under 200.

These settings should be fine.


I need to make those changes in the registry in order for it to scan properly?

Not really, the drive will scan without any settings. But this option allows you to have the NEC drives emulate a Lite-On for example.

If I set it to 8ecc, should I scan at 8x or still at 5x?

This is my 1st scan with this drive. It is using stock 2.01 FW. Nothing adjusted in regedit.