NEC ND-6650A wrong recognizing

Hello everyone:)
I have a problem with recognizing NEC ND-6650A in my Dell Inspiron 9400. Most of time is not acessible. My system see this drive as ‘OEC ! ! DWD±SW!NE-7650A’ or 'NEB DVD*-RW ND-6640@’…and I can’t use them. Sometimes it’s revognized ok. As I remember problems starts after unsucessfull instaling of clone cd…after that I have to reinstal Windows becouse it wont starts. I changed bios in my 6650 a couple of time (to 103c, 103d, 1.5A) and this not help. This drive also wont work under Ubuntu Linux. Plesase help…sorry about my english:p

The error description rather sounds like the connector doesn’t fit correctly. I don’t think it’s related to firmware or a software installation.

Maybe you can try removing and then re-inserting the drive.

Thanks Liggy! As You say I removed drive and now it works fine…I hope this problem with recognizing never back:) Many thanks:)

In case this problem occurs again, you know how to solve it now :wink: