NEC ND-6650A Wont Read DVD+R DL

Hi all, I’ve spent hours reading through all the threads on the NEC ND-6650A and its associated problems but i’m still unable to find a solution to mine. I’m trying to read a Verbatim DVD+R DL disk with no luck (disk works fine on a couple of other comps). I can view the disk and information about whats on it through Sonic DigitalMedia however when I try to access it through Windows explorer it registers as a blank CD.

I’ve flashed the drive with 103D firmware from Dell and now gone back to Liggy’s 1.62 and still no luck.

Everything I can find suggests the format is supported and that Verbatim DVD’s are more widely accepted than most other brands on NEC drives. The drive is in a Dell Inspiron 6000 running XP_SP2 home.

I’ve already tried contacting Dell and NEC without any success. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Since it is working on other computers, can you verify that it has been finalized and what format the data is written?