NEC ND-6650A won't burn Verbatim DVD-R DL



My NEC ND-6650A (Firmware: 103D) on a Dell Inspiron 6000 won’t burn Verbatim DVD-R DLs (MKM 03RD30) although according to the homepage it should. Help anyone?


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MKM 03RD30 is rather new media, don’t think Dell 103d firmware supports it. My ND-6650 doesn’t support it either with NEC stock firmware.
Attaching 103d media speed list from ala42’s MediaCodeSpeedEdit.

103d_orig_speedsettings.txt (14.3 KB)


DELL is known for spamming their drives with crippled softwares, but also slimtype drives are not the best choice for DL media!


I used MKM 01RD30 now and tried to burn the DVD with either Nero and the DVD writing tool of TMPEnc, but both didn’t work. Does anyone have any other ideas?