NEC ND-6650A won't burn TDK DVD+R DL

Hi all,
This is my first post on this forum, I tried to look for answers, but couldn’t find any.

I have a Dell Inspiron 6000 which comes with a ND-6650A burner. I have previously burned TDK DVD+R DL successfully, with no errors, and now I just bought a new 25-pack set and it won’t burn any of them.

I am using the Sonic Roxio software that came with the laptop and the error I get is “there was an error burning the disc” when it starts burning it, it won’t burn not even the first 16 sectors.

I updated the firmware from 102c to 103d but still it doesn’t work.

Any help? I could try a different brand, but I’ve used TDK DVD+R DL before, I find it hard to believe that all the discs in my back are bad. Is there a newer firmware I could try?


Before you try another brand unistall your drive in the device manager and then restart your computer. Windows will reinstall automatically. Welcome to the forum too!

Well, I kind of did that… I updated the firmware and powered off the computer. Upon reboot windows redetected the dvd drive again…

Don’t put too much trust into that media, its probably even cheapo Ritek DL. :stuck_out_tongue: