NEC ND-6650a vs Pioneer DVR-K05 for laptop

I’ve been looking into a decent duel layer dvd burner for my laptop and after a ton of reading here I’ve narrowed it down to 3 models:

NEC ND-6650a

Pioneer DVR-K05 -slotted drive

Pioneer DVR-K15 -tray/drawer style

The max write speeds are all the same with the exception of the cdrw write speed (20x for the NEC, 24x for the pioneers). The prices are all very comparable at less than $100 shipped online.

With Liggy’s firmware updates, the NEC is capable of bitsetting with DVD+R , DVD+RW and DVD+R-DL. I also believe the NEC is a newer model.

I can’t seem to find too much info on whether the pioneer models support bitsetting (with or without a user modded firmware). The K05’s slotted design is appealing.

All of these models with fit and work with my toshiba laptop.

To the point, my questions:
*Do (can) the pioneer models support bitsetting?
*Is there any difference aside from the cd entry method between the two pioneers?
*Which drive would you get and why (perhaps I’m missing a good model)?

I have both. If you don’t need bitsetting I’d say go with the K05. Slot loading makes things so much easier on a laptop. Also, the K05 does autoset DVD-ROM booktype for +DL media.

I have the slightly older 6500A. It is the best laptop drive I have seen. Burn quality is very good. It will burn a TY DVD+R in about 10.5 minutes which is very fast for a laptop burner.

i havent had any exp. with the pioneer models but i gots to say the nd-6650a is one of the best laptop drives i have owned. the burn quality is excellent on ty02 discs and the verbatim branded discs I own (don’t know the code right off) :slight_smile: and it reads fast , relative to a lappy burner that is.

Are you NEC guys using Liggy’s firmware?

Personally don’t use unofficial firmware. The discs I have made with it work in every DVD player I have tried. If it ain’t broke don’t fix it.

One thing to consider before buying a slot drive, is that you can’t play the mini 8cm DVDs in them, used by camcorders. :wink:

yes , Liggy is da man :slight_smile: i am useing his 123_rpc1 firmware on the nd6650a. i also used his firmware on my nd-6500a and my nd3500 hehe if it wasnt for the work both he and Dee have done on the Nec drives , i dont think they would be as popular as they are today. they both rock in my book :slight_smile: thank you liggy and thank you Dee :wink:

if your going to burn +r , the bittsetting is a must have. and given the quality of the burns that the nd6650 is capable of, id say go with it. you wont be sorry :slight_smile:

I’d like to thank everyone for the replies. I’ve decided to go with the NEC :cool:

What media do you NEC guys like for the + and - R type (esp -)?

Definetly TYs for DVD+R. I have only used 4x Riteks for DVD-Rs. They work well.

Ok Please Help

I just purchase a NEC 6650A dvd rw for my Toshiba Satellite Pro 6100 and get the dreaded #1 ide error which led me to this site.

So as a relative newbie to the firmware updating how do I go about getting my laptop to recognise my new dvd drive - I only have access to a laptop at the moment.

Is it only recommended to update firmware using a slimline to ide converter on a PC.

Have tried downloading the master to slave files from the liggydee website but they seem corrupt when i try to unzip them

All help/advice greatly appreciated

Step by step approach would be even nicer