NEC ND-6650a Software?

Any help with this problem will be much appreciated:
I have replaced to broken Panasonic drive in my Acer Aspire 1700 Laptop with a NEC ND-6650a unit. Window XP professional recognises the drive correctly and asks for the software which, unfortunatly, I do not have. Can anyone please help with this problem? is it just software or do I have to get into this ‘Flashing’ which I think may be out of my league.
Thanks in antisapation.

You shouldn’t need any drivers for any kind of internal optical drive in windows XP. Can you access the drive at all? Does it show up in device manager (right click my computer—>properties—>hardware tab—>device manager).

Also do you see the burner in POST when your laptop powers up (if you don’t have a splash screen)?

I have the 6650a in my toshiba portege 4010 and upon initial install my computer would hang after startup for about 5 mins then hop into windows (the drive wouldn’t work) and it turned out that my optical drive needed to be a reverse ata drive. This required one of liggys 2.xx firmwares (which also allows you to change your bitsetting (for burning compatible dvds for older players), open region dvd playing (you still need additional software for this) and fixed riplock for faster burns.

I would do some more research before deciding that the reverse ata is your problem. You will need a laptop ide to pc ide adaptor for the flash (if you do it) and its really easy.

On boot up new hardware wizard loads and reports it has found new hardware; an DVD R±W ND 665 and then does the usual can wizard search for software or insert CD rom etc. It appears in device manager under other devices as DVD R±W ND 665 but showing code 1 device not configured correctly.
Thanks for your help.

:sad: Hi. I have exactly the same problem. Has anyone found any solutions?

Many thanks.

looks like this is a common problem ? I have just replaced a Panasonic CW-8122-B drive in an Eveshame with a ND-6650a and I have the same problem. I dont know anything about all the stuff you guys talk about !

Could someone explain in muppet terms what I have to do to get the drive recognized and working.


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If you don’t know what to do next please get in touch with a computer professional, because the actions you (probably) have to take are advanced and dangerous.
And if anything fails, you drive might get permanently damaged.

What [I]firmware[/I] does your drive have right now? Use DISCinfo to retrieve this information.

Thank You Appriciate the advise. On reflection I have decided to return the drive and look for a more compatable one.