NEC ND-6650A problem

I’ve been trying to burn iso images using imgBurn and data using Nero 7. It fails every time and so far created 10 coasters. I think its not able to finalise the discs properly but not sure if its a drive issue or a disc problem.

Burns CD’s fine. I have attatched the Nero, imgBurn & DVD Identifier logs.

Any ideas as to whats happening :slight_smile: My drive has the latest Dell firmware

Hi crofty83,

try to burn slower, try at 4x.

I 13:05:18 Write Speed: MAX

Seems to work at 4x. Thanks chef. Do you think it’d burn better if I was to install one of Liggt & Dee’s custom firmware?

I don’t know.
103d sounds like DELL and seems to be the latest, see: