NEC ND-6650A in Japan (4x DL and 8x DVD+RW)

13,618 Yen. 13,900 Yen at Bless.

NEC ND-6650A
,書き込み速度:DVD+R DL 4倍/DVD+R 8倍/DVD+RW 8倍/DVD-R DL 4倍/DVD-R 8倍/DVD-RW 6倍/CD-R 24倍/CD-RW 16倍


Liggy posted the media code list two weeks ago, here is the same thing listed with MCSE:

Media Code Speed Edit V SE

Firmware: NEC    DVD+-RW ND-6650A1.2320050420

Overall supported media types:  559
DVD+R9  supported media types:    6
DVD+R   supported media types:  133
DVD+RW  supported media types:   31
DVD-R9  supported media types:    2
DVD-R   supported media types:  341
DVD-RW  supported media types:   46

DVD+R9  supported media types:    6
MKM      001-000 4x,2.4x
PHILIPS  CD2-000 2.4x
PRODISC  D01-000 2.4x
RICOHJPN D00-001 2.4x
RICOHJPN R00-001 2.4x
RITEK    D01-001 2.4x

DVD+R   supported media types:  133
AML      001-000 4x,2.4x
AML      001-001 4x,2.4x
AML      002-000 4x,2.4x
AML      002-001 4x,2.4x
BEALL P0 001-000 2.4x
BeAll000 P40-000 4x,2.4x
BeAll000 P40-001 4x,2.4x
BeAll000 P80-000 4x,2.4x
BeAll000 P80-001 4x,2.4x
CMC MAG  E01-000 8x,6x,4x,2.4x
CMC MAG  E01-001 8x,6x,4x,2.4x
CMC MAG  F01-000 4x,2.4x
CMC MAG  M01-000 8x,6x,4x,2.4x
CMC MAG  R01-000 2.4x
CMC Mag  R01-000 2.4x
DATATRAK 001-000 2.4x
DAXON    AZ0-000 2.4x
DAXON    AZ0-001 2.4x
DAXON    AZ1-001 4x,2.4x
DAXON    AZ2-000 4x,2.4x
DAXON    AZ2-000 4x,2.4x
DDDessau V10-000 2.4x
DDDessau V20-000 4x,2.4x
DDDessau V30-000 6x,4x,2.4x
DKP      000-000 4x,2.4x
DT-D02   02 -000 4x,2.4x
DT-D02   02 -001 4x,2.4x
DT-D03   004-000 8x,6x,4x,2.4x
EMDP     000-000 4x,2.4x
GSC503   H01-000 2.4x
GSC503   H01-001 2.4x
IMC JPN  R01-000 6x,4x,2.4x
INFODISC R10-002 4x,2.4x
INFODISC R10-003 4x,2.4x
INFODISC R20-000 8x,6x,4x,2.4x
INFOME   R20-000 6x,4x,2.4x
IS01     001-000 4x,2.4x
IS01     001-001 4x,2.4x
ISSM     001-000 8x,6x,4x,2.4x
LD       001-000 2.4x
LD       A02-000 4x,2.4x
LD       S03-000 2.4x
LONGTEN  002-000 4x,2.4x
LONGTEN  002-001 4x,2.4x
MAM      M02-000 6x,4x,2.4x
MAM4XG01 001-000 4x,2.4x
MAXELL   001-000 4x,2.4x
MAXELL   002-000 6x,4x,2.4x
MAXELL   002-001 6x,4x,2.4x
MAXELL   003-000 8x,6x,4x,2.4x
MBIPG101 R03-000 4x,2.4x
MBIPG101 R04-001 6x,4x,2.4x
MBIPG101 R05-000 8x,6x,4x,2.4x
MCC      001-000 2.4x
MCC      002-000 4x,2.4x
MCC      003-000 8x,6x,4x,2.4x
MCC      004-000 8x,6x,4x,2.4x
MCC      004-000 8x,6x,4x,2.4x
MPOMEDIA 001-000 2.4x
MPOMEDIA 040-000 4x,2.4x
MPOMEDIA 040-001 4x,2.4x
MPOMEDIA 080-000 8x,6x,4x,2.4x
MUST     002-001 4x,2.4x
MUST     002-002 4x,2.4x
MUST 002    -002 4x,2.4x
MUST 002    -003 4x,2.4x
NANYA    CHX-000 4x,2.4x
NANYA    CHX-001 4x,2.4x
NANYA    CL1-001 6x,4x,2.4x
NANYA    CLX-000 8x,6x,4x,2.4x
NANYA    CLX-001 8x,6x,4x,2.4x
NANYA    DR -000 4x,2.4x
NANYA    DR -001 4x,2.4x
NANYA    RJB-000 4x,2.4x
NANYA    RJB-001 4x,2.4x
OPTODISC OP1-001 2.4x
OPTODISC OP2-000 2.4x
OPTODISC OR4-000 4x,2.4x
OPTODISC OR8-000 6x,4x,2.4x
PHILIPS  C08-000 6x,4x,2.4x
PHILIPS  C16-000 8x,6x,4x,2.4x
POMSC001 002-000 4x,2.4x
POS      R01-000 6x,4x,2.4x
PRODISC  R01-000 2.4x
PRODISC  R01-001 2.4x
PRODISC  R02-000 4x,2.4x
PRODISC  R03-000 8x,6x,4x,2.4x
PRODISC  R03-001 8x,6x,4x,2.4x
PRODISC  R03-002 8x,6x,4x,2.4x
PRODISC  R03-003 8x,6x,4x,2.4x
PRODISC  R04-004 8x,6x,4x,2.4x
Philips  081-000 6x,4x,2.4x
Philips  081-001 6x,4x,2.4x
Plasmon1 C01-000 8x,6x,4x,2.4x
RICOHJPN R00-000 2.4x
RICOHJPN R00-001 2.4x
RICOHJPN R00-002 6x,4x,2.4x
RICOHJPN R01-002 6x,4x,2.4x
RICOHJPN R02-003 8x,6x,4x,2.4x
RICOHJPN R02-004 8x,6x,4x,2.4x
RICOHJPN R03-001 8x,6x,4x,2.4x
RITEK    M02-001 4x,2.4x
RITEK    M02-002 4x,2.4x
RITEK    P16-000 8x,6x,4x,2.4x
RITEK    R01-001 2.4x
RITEK    R02-001 4x,2.4x
RITEK    R03-001 4x,2.4x
RITEK    R03-002 6x,4x,2.4x
RITEK    R03-003 6x,4x,2.4x
RITEK    R04-001 8x,6x,4x,2.4x
RITEK    R05-001 8x,6x,4x,2.4x
SAST     S01-000 4x,2.4x
SKYMEDIA R03-000 6x,4x,2.4x
SONY     D01-000 4x,2.4x
SONY     D11-000 8x,6x,4x,2.4x
SONY     D21-000 8x,6x,4x,2.4x
TDK      001-000 6x,4x,2.4x
TDK      002-000 8x,6x,4x,2.4x
TDK      002-001 8x,6x,4x,2.4x
TDK      003-000 8x,6x,4x,2.4x
ULTRAN   202-003 4x,2.4x
VANGUARD 001-000 6x,4x,2.4x
VDSPMSAB 001-001 4x,2.4x
VDSPMSAB 001-002 4x,2.4x
VDSPMSAB 002-001 6x,4x,2.4x
VIVA     002-000 6x,4x,2.4x
WINGSHIN 001-049 6x,4x,2.4x
YUDEN000 T00-000 4x,2.4x
YUDEN000 T01-000 4x,2.4x
YUDEN000 T01-001 8x,6x,4x,2.4x
YUDEN000 T02-000 8x,6x,4x,2.4x
YUDEN000 T02-001 8x,6x,4x,2.4x
YUDEN000 T03-000 8x,6x,4x,2.4x

DVD+RW  supported media types:   31
CMC      W01    2.4x
CMC MAG  W01    2.4x
CMC MAG  W02    4x,2.4x
DAXON    D42    4x,2.4x
INFODISC A01    2.4x
INFODISC A10    4x,2.4x
MBIPG101 W03    2.4x
MBIPG101 W04    4x,2.4x
MCC      A01    2.4x
MKM      A02    4x,2.4x
MKM      A03    8x,6x
NANYA    DRW    4x,2.4x
NANYASC  DRW    2.4x
OPTODISC OP1    2.4x
OPTODISC OP4    4x,2.4x
PHILIPS  010    2.4x
PHILIPS  041    4x,2.4x
PRODISC  W01    2.4x
PRODISC  W02    4x,2.4x
PRODISC  W03    
RICOHJPN W01    2.4x
RICOHJPN W11    4x,2.4x
RICOHJPN W21    8x,6x
RITEK    001    2.4x
RITEK    004    4x,2.4x
RITEK    008    
SENTINEL W01    2.4x
SENTINEL W02    4x,2.4x
SONY     S11    4x,2.4x
TDK      t01    2.4x

DVD-R9  supported media types:    2
MCC 02RG20      4x,2x
MKM 01RD30      4x,2x

DVD-R   supported media types:  341
1FUJIFILM       4x,2x
2FUJIFILM       4x,2x
3FUJIFILM       4x,2x
4FUJIFILM       4x,2x
4M SYS 202C1    4x,2x
5FUJIFILM       4x,2x
AML             4x,2x
AN31            2x
AN32            2x
AN33            2x
AN34            2x
AN35            2x
AUVISTARM01     2x
Auvistar        2x
BeAll G00001    2x
BeAll G00002    2x
BeAll G00003    2x
BeAll G00004    2x
BeAll G00005    2x
BeAll G16001    8x,6x,4x,2x
BeAll G40001    4x,2x
BeAll G40002    4x,2x
BeAll G40003    4x,2x
BeAll G40004    4x,2x
BeAll G40005    4x,2x
BeAll G80001    6x,4x,2x
CMC MAG.        2x
CMC MAG. AE1    8x,6x,4x,2x
CMC MAG. AE2    8x,6x,4x,2x
CMC MAG. AE3    8x,6x,4x,2x
CMC MAG. AE4    8x,6x,4x,2x
CMC MAG. AE5    8x,6x,4x,2x
CMC MAG. AF1    2x
CMC MAG. AF2    2x
CMC MAG. AF3    2x
CMC MAG. AF4    2x
CMC MAG. AF5    2x
CMC MAG. AM1    8x,6x,4x,2x
CMC MAG. AM2    8x,6x,4x,2x
CMC MAG. AM3    8x,6x,4x,2x
CMC MAG. AM4    8x,6x,4x,2x
CMC MAG. AM5    8x,6x,4x,2x
CMC MAG. CO.    2x
CMC MAG.AF01    4x,2x
CMC MAG.AF02    4x,2x
CMC MAG.AF03    4x,2x
CMC MAG.AF04    4x,2x
CMC MAG.AF05    4x,2x
CMC00RG200      2x
CMC00RG201      2x
CMC00RG202      2x
CMC00RG300      2x
CMC00RG301      2x
CMC00RG302      2x
DATA TRACK      2x
DATA TRACK      4x,2x
DAXON 4x        4x,2x
DAXON004        4x,2x
DAXON008        6x,4x,2x
DAXON008S       8x,6x,4x,2x
DDD DVDR        2x
DKMZ01          2x
DKMZ01          6x,4x,2x
DKM_01          2x
Dvsn            4x,2x
Dvsn A001       4x,2x
Dvsn-80         6x,4x,2x
EDM 01          2x
EDM_02          2x
ENGAGE 01       8x,6x,4x,2x
FORNEX101       4x,2x
FUJIFILM02      6x,4x,2x
FUJIFILM02      6x,4x,2x
FUJIFILM03      8x,6x,4x,2x
FUJIFILM04      8x,6x,4x,2x
FUJIFILM05      8x,6x,4x,2x
FUJIFILM06      8x,6x,4x,2x
FUJIFILM07      8x,6x,4x,2x
GSC001          2x
GSC001          4x,2x
GSC001          2x
GSC002          2x
GSC002          4x,2x
GSC002          2x
GSC003          2x
GSC003          8x,6x,4x,2x
GSC003          2x
GSC004          2x
GSC004          6x,4x,2x
GSC004          2x
GSC005          2x
GSC005          6x,4x,2x
GSC005          2x
INFODISC-R01    4x,2x
INFODISC-R20    8x,6x,4x,2x
INFOSMART01     4x,2x
INFOSMART02     4x,2x
INFOSMART03     4x,2x
INFOSMART04     4x,2x
INFOSMART05     4x,2x
ISSM     01     4x,2x
KIC 00RG200     2x
KIC01RG080      6x,4x,2x
KIC01RG20       4x,2x
KIC01RG21       4x,2x
KIC01RG22       4x,2x
KIC02RG20       4x,2x
KIC03RG20       4x,2x
LD              2x
LD01            2x
LD02            2x
LD03            2x
LEADDATA        2x
LEADDATA S03    8x,6x,4x,2x
LEADDATA01      4x,2x
LEADDATA02      4x,2x
LEADDATA03      4x,2x
LEADDATA04      4x,2x
LEADDATA05      4x,2x
LGE             2x
LGE04           2x
LGE05           2x
LGE06           2x
LGE07           2x
LGE08           6x,4x,2x
LONGTEN 001     4x,2x
LONGTEN 002     4x,2x
LONGTEN 003     8x,6x,4x,2x
LONGTEN 004     8x,6x,4x,2x
LONGTEN 005     8x,6x,4x,2x
LONGTEN 009     4x,2x
Lead Data       2x
MAM4XG01        4x,2x
MAM4XG02        4x,2x
MAM4XG03        4x,2x
MAM4XG04        4x,2x
MAM4XG05        4x,2x
MAM8XG01        6x,4x,2x
MAM8XG02        6x,4x,2x
MAM8XG03        6x,4x,2x
MAM8XG04        6x,4x,2x
MAM8XG05        6x,4x,2x
MBI             2x
MBI 01RG20      4x,2x
MBI 01RG21      4x,2x
MBI 01RG22      4x,2x
MBI 02RG20      4x,2x
MBI 03RG20      4x,2x
MBI 03RG40      8x,6x,4x,2x
MBI03RG30       8x,6x,4x,2x
MCC 00RG200     2x
MCC 01RG20      4x,2x
MCC 02RG20      8x,6x,4x,2x
MCC 03RG20      8x,6x,4x,2x
MCC 04RG20      8x,6x,4x,2x
MCC 05RG20      8x,6x,4x,2x
MCC 06RG20      8x,6x,4x,2x
MCI4XG01        2x
MCI4XG02        2x
MCI4XG03        2x
MCIG01          2x
MCIG02          2x
MCIG03          2x
MEI 00V001      2x
MEI 00V002      4x,2x
MEI 00V003      4x,2x
MEI 00V004      4x,2x
MUST 001        4x,2x
MUST 003        2x
MXL RG01        2x
MXL RG02        2x
MXL RG02        4x,2x
MXL RG03        2x
MXL RG03        6x,4x,2x
MXL RG04        8x,6x,4x,2x
MXL RG05        8x,6x,4x,2x
MXL RG06        8x,6x,4x,2x
MXL RG07        8x,6x,4x,2x
NAN             4x,2x
NANYA-JC001     4x,2x
NANYA-JC002     4x,2x
NANYA-JC003     4x,2x
NANYA-JC004     4x,2x
NANYA-JC005     4x,2x
NSDR40          8x,6x,4x,2x
OCTOPLUS        2x
OMP 4KG001      4x,2x
OMP 4KG002      4x,2x
OMP 4KG003      4x,2x
OMP 4KG004      4x,2x
OMP 4KG005      4x,2x
ONIDTECH        4x,2x
OPTODISC        2x
OPTODISCK001    2x
OPTODISCK001    2x
OPTODISCK002    2x
OPTODISCK002    2x
OPTODISCK003    2x
OPTODISCK003    2x
OPTODISCK004    2x
OPTODISCK004    2x
OPTODISCK005    2x
OPTODISCK005    2x
OPTODISCR004    4x,2x
OPTODISCR005    4x,2x
OPTODISCR006    4x,2x
OPTODISCR007    4x,2x
OPTODISCR008    6x,4x,2x
OPTODISCR016    2x
POMS3A          8x,6x,4x,2x
POSG04          4x,2x
POSG05          4x,2x
POSG06          4x,2x
POSG07          4x,2x
POSG08          4x,2x
PRINCO          2x
PRINCO          2x
PRINCO          2x
PRINCO          2x
PRINCO          2x
PRINCO          2x
PRINCO          2x
PRINCO8X01      4x,2x
PRINCO8X02      6x,4x,2x
PRODISCG02      2x
PRODISCG03      2x
PRODISCG04      2x
PVC001001       4x,2x
PVC001002       4x,2x
PVC001003       4x,2x
PVCR001002      6x,4x,2x
PVCR001003      6x,4x,2x
PVCR001004      6x,4x,2x
PVCR002001      6x,4x,2x
PVCR002002      6x,4x,2x
Plasmon LV3     2x
Plasmon LV4     2x
Plasmon LV5     2x
Plasmon LV6     2x
Plasmon LV7     2x
Plasmon-Gen     2x
Plasmon1A       8x,6x,4x,2x
ProdiscF01      8x,6x,4x,2x
ProdiscF02      8x,6x,4x,2x
ProdiscF03      8x,6x,4x,2x
ProdiscF04      8x,6x,4x,2x
ProdiscF05      8x,6x,4x,2x
ProdiscS03      4x,2x
ProdiscS04      8x,6x,4x,2x
ProdiscS05      8x,6x,4x,2x
ProdiscS06      8x,6x,4x,2x
ProdiscS07      8x,6x,4x,2x
RITEKF1         8x,6x,4x,2x
RITEKG01        2x
RITEKG02        2x
RITEKG03        2x
RITEKG04        4x,2x
RITEKG04        4x,2x
RITEKG05        8x,6x,4x,2x
RITEKG06        8x,6x,4x,2x
RITEKG07        8x,6x,4x,2x
RITEKG08        8x,6x,4x,2x
RITEKG09        8x,6x,4x,2x
RITEKM02        4x,2x
RITEKM03        4x,2x
RITEKM04        4x,2x
RITEKM05        4x,2x
RITEKM06        4x,2x
RITEKM16        8x,6x,4x,2x
SKC Co.,Ltd.    4x,2x
SONY            2x
SONY04D1        4x,2x
SONY04D2        4x,2x
SONY04D3        4x,2x
SONY04D4        4x,2x
SONY04D5        4x,2x
SONY08D1        8x,6x,4x,2x
SONY08D2        8x,6x,4x,2x
SONY08D3        8x,6x,4x,2x
SONY08D4        8x,6x,4x,2x
SONY08D5        8x,6x,4x,2x
SONY16D1        8x,6x,4x,2x
TAROKO-MX4      4x,2x
TDKG010000d9    2x
TDKG02000000    2x
TDKG03000000    2x
TDKG04000000    2x
TMI001.2003     4x,2x
TTG01           4x,2x
TTG02           6x,4x,2x
TTG03           6x,4x,2x
TTG04           6x,4x,2x
TTG05           6x,4x,2x
TTG06           6x,4x,2x
TTH01           8x,6x,4x,2x
TTH02           8x,6x,4x,2x
TTH03           8x,6x,4x,2x
TTH04           8x,6x,4x,2x
TTH05           8x,6x,4x,2x
TTH06           8x,6x,4x,2x
TYG01           6x,4x,2x
TYG02           8x,6x,4x,2x
TYG03           8x,6x,4x,2x
TYG04           8x,6x,4x,2x
TYG05           8x,6x,4x,2x
TYG06           8x,6x,4x,2x
ULTRAN102       2x
UTJG01001       2x
UTJG01002       2x
UTJG01003       2x
UTJG02001       2x
UTJG02002       2x
UTJG03001       2x
UTJG03002       2x
UTJR001001      4x,2x
UTJR001002      4x,2x
UTJR001003      4x,2x
UTJR002001      4x,2x
UTJR002002      4x,2x
UTJR003001      4x,2x
UTJR003002      4x,2x
VANGUARD        4x,2x
VDSPMSAB 01     4x,2x
VDSPMSAB 02     4x,2x
VDSPMSAB 03     4x,2x
VDSPMSAB 04     4x,2x
VDSPMSAB 05     4x,2x
VIVASTAR        2x
WINGSHING04     4x,2x
Yi Jhan 001     4x,2x
Yi Jhan 002     4x,2x
Yi Jhan 003     4x,2x
Yi Jhan 004     4x,2x
Yi Jhan 005     4x,2x

DVD-RW  supported media types:   46
000000000000    1x
000000000000    1x
000000000000    2x
000000000000    2x
CMCW02          2x,1x
CMCW03          4x,2x
CMCW04          4x,2x
DAXON_RW2X01    2x,1x
INFOMEDIA       2x,1x
JVC/VictorT7    1x
JVC0VictorD7    4x,2x
JVC1Victord7    6x,4x,2x
JVC_VictorW7    2x,1x
MBI01RWG 20     4x,2x
MCC 00RW11N9    1x
MCC 01RW11n9    2x,1x
MCC 01RW4X      4x,2x
MKM 01RW6X01    6x,4x,2x
OPTODISCK001    1x
OPTODISCK001    2x,1x
OPTODISCW002    2x,1x
OPTODISCW004    4x,2x
PRINCO          1x
PRINCO          1x
PRINCORW0004    4x,2x
PRINCORW2X01    2x,1x
PVCW000001Q9    1x
PVCW000002A9    1x
PVCW00D002K9    2x,1x
PVCW00V00245    2x,1x
Prodisc DW04    2x,1x
Prodisc DW06    4x,2x
ProdiscDVDRW    1x
RITEK           1x
RITEK000V11A    1x
RITEK004V11     1x
RITEK005V11     1x
RITEKW01        2x,1x
RITEKW04        4x,2x
RITEKW06        6x,4x,2x
SONY000000U9    1x
TDK401saku=3    1x
TDK501saku]3    1x
TDK502sakuM3    2x,1x
TDK601saku      4x,2x
TDK701saku      6x,4x,2x

Looks nice, Ive been eyeing on 6500/6550 for my T40. :slight_smile:

@ala, why MCC02RG20 is in the DVD-R9 section?

Well, it is stored in the -R9 table of the 3520/30/40/6650 firmwares. It is also stored in the -R table.

is it true 8x or that 5.56x?

13,800.00 JPY Japan Yen = 166.820 AUD Australia Dollars
1 JPY = 0.0120884 AUD 1 AUD = 82.7238 JPY

Probably +300 bucks here when it gets here in 2 years time

I wonder when will it be widely available… or can i order it from Japan?

Kenshin, not a bad price. 13,900 Yen = USD128.

How much is the ND-6500 now? Six months ago you mentioned 17,800 Yen (USD175).
Newegg sells 6500 for USD102 plus shipping.

I haven’t looked at. ( link was dead when I tried.)

ND-6500A is probably no longer in production. NEC usually ships to Dell first (for much cheaper of course) and then some of those OEM units somehow enter the Japanese retail stores.

Oh, I found one just now:

C ND-6650A バルク ATAPI
☆ \13,900 / \13,239 139

NEC ND-6500A バルク ATAPI
2.4xDVD+R DL/8xDVD±R/4xDVD±RW/
☆ \12,800 / \12,191 128

ND-6500A at for 12,191 Yen + 5% Japanese domestic VAT tax
ND-6650A at for 13,239 Yen + 5% Japanese domestic VAT tax

They are all primarily offline shops concentrated in one of the busiest and the prices shown there just reflect randomly found ones, not best deals.

Official specification:

Dimensions (HxWxD) 13.8 mm x 128 mm x 129 mm
(with standard bezel loaded)
Weight Approx. 185 g

Hm. 3.5-inch form factor’s not used for notebooks DVD drives yet. 185 gram is too much when 2.5-inch HDDs weigh far less and far more important.

What’s ND-6550A? 6650A OEM without + support?

DVD-R/RWドライブ ハーフハイトタイプ

製 品 DVD+R
記録速度 製品説明

・ND-3540A 16倍速 プラス、マイナス両フォーマットの2層ディスクに対応。+R(Double Layer)8倍速、-R(Dulal Layer) 6倍速記録を実現。 2005年4月から出荷開始。

・ND-3530A 16倍速 プラス、マイナス両フォーマット対応、+R 2層メディア対応 ※OEM供給のみ

・ND-3520A 16倍速 プラス、マイナス両フォーマット対応、+R 2層メディア対応。 DVD+RWメディア記録速度 8倍速

・ND-3500A 16倍速 プラス、マイナス両フォーマット対応、+R 2層メディアに対応

・ND-3100A 16倍速 プラスフォーマット対応、+R 2層メディア対応 ※OEM供給のみ

・ND-2510A 8倍速 プラス、マイナス両フォーマット対応、+R 2層メディア対応を追加

・ND-2500A 8倍速 プラス、マイナス両フォーマット対応

・ND-2100A 8倍速 プラスフォーマット対応 ※OEM供給のみ

注: ND-2100A、ND-3100A、ND-3530AはPCメーカ等へのOEM供給のみとなっており、個別販売は行っておりません。 これらの製品での記録速度は仕向け先によって変化します。

DVD-R/RWドライブ スリムタイプ

製 品 DVD+R
記録速度 製品説明

ND-6650A 8倍速 プラス、マイナスの2層ディスクに対応、

・ND-6500A 8倍速 プラス、マイナス両フォーマット対応、+R 2層メディアに対応

・ND-6100A 8倍速 プラスフォーマット対応、+R 2層メディアに対応

・ND-5500A 4倍速 プラス、マイナス両フォーマット対応

・ND-5100A 4倍速 プラスフォーマット対応

注: スリムタイプドライブはPCメーカ等へのOEM供給のみとなっており、個別販売は行っておりません。

Wherever I found links to ND-6550A all lead to ND-6650A pages.

On the current Akiba PC Hotline! page, there’s also a line mentioning ND-6550A but the linked “Forecast” page doesn’t have anything about NEC ND-6*** series product. Typo?

Here is the translation of the above text;

Looks like its available in the US now. Shentech seems to be selling them for USD$139.

Unfortunately it does not seem to be available here, though. And even if it was, I can’t define the DVD-RW myself in a laptop I’m about to purchase and this is disappoitning. If I had the choice, I would get the NEC