NEC ND-6650A Firmware Woe & Grief

I purchased an NEC ND-6650A to replace the dvd burner in my IBM R40 laptop so that I could burn DVD+R Dual Layer discs. It did everything fine apart from burn DL discs! (Tried Nero and Roxio) Contacted NEC support who suggested dos firmware upgrade might fix it. Borrowed friend’s IBM A30 laptop which will take both floppy & DVD drive simultaneously. Made up bootable floppy with all the right files. Half way through the upgrade process the floppy went awol with a read error (aaaahhhhh!!!) :a . Made new floppy but process just returns a firmware already current msg. The firmware version just retuirns as 0.0.6!! Drive led just flashes and won’t even open. Does anyone know what I can do? Is it possible to clear the firmware so that it will take the upgrade again or am I completely stuffed? Some advice would be greatly appreciated :bow:

Your drive actually is in safe-mode (i.e. no firmware, just bootcode). Boot into Windows and try to flash the firmware.

I’ve tried that! Msg tells me that boot code found is 0x3036 and boot code expected is 0x3035. Can I change this?

What firmware did you try to flash?

Sounds like you’re trying to flash a master firmware with a slave bootcode installed. (or the vice versa)

0x3036 is the slave bootcode and 0x3035 the master one. But I’m too lazy to look up which value belongs to your current drive setting and which one to the firmware. :o

Thanks for your response, Liggy. Initially, the attempt that went wrong was the dos from floppy method, the files for which I downloaded from a link to the NEC site (I think!!). Seems like I got it completely wrong anyway as I shouldn’t have converted tthe drive from master to slave. I subsequently tried to load 1.42 from your site using your WinGUI utility which is when I got the boot code error msg…Spoke to a man @ NEC today & he say either bin the drive & buy a new one or consut Liggy… :bow: …I’d rather not be beaten…

NEC recommends consulting me :eek:

But I think you have two solutions left now. Either you flash your drive back to master again or use a slave (2.**) firmware. Binning the drive and buying a new one should not be necessary :disagree:

i have the same problem with the same laptop. i also have the 0x3036 code, but i can’t change my drive back to master. i am pretty sure the old firmware was 103d, and now i have 203d, but the drive doesn’t work well. can someone please help me how to undo the changes, and go back to 103d. i have downloaded the 103d firmware, but it now says that i have a different drive, and the firmware isn’t made for that drive.

In order to change an ND-6650A between Master (Normal ATA) and Slave (Reverse ATA) you need to update the drive’s bootcode first.

This procedure only works with an IDE adapter or if you can start it from a Laptop that recognizes your drive (will likely work on Toshiba).

You could also try to exchange drives with [post=1842019]schellie[/post]. :wink:

i have downloaded the master bootcode flasher, but it gave me error, saying that this bootcode will not work with your drive?? am i doing something wrong???

please help. i have opened a topic myself, but no one was responding, so therefore i posted it in this old topic.

Nety wrote in other post that he managed to flash boot code and than install 1.5A firmware (with warning) to change to master drive again, but i tried and binflash sais it is 0x3035 and needs 0x3036 or vice versa, dont remember. I have a problem because i only have laptop without floppy, so its my only drive. I read about “normal nec flasher” to restore master again, but needs to go to dos - dont have any way to do that, my nec drive dont boot :frowning:

I also have exactly the same problem, i get the error code: found 0x3036-expected 0x3035. My drive is useless now, and i don’t now how to get the drive to function again. When i use the tool to set it back to master, i get the error: this will not work with your drive. So i can’t do anything about it. My drive is now in safe mode, (nec 6650 0.06) and everytime i turn on my laptop, i get the message that the drive is not reconized, press escape to continue :frowning:

Ash969 - Flash it with firmware 2xx. It will work. I did it, but as slave it dont boot at laptop startup so i cant reinstall system

i did it, i have now 203d. but it still says that the drive is not reconized at startup. And with this firmware i can’t play dvd’s etc, it’s too slow. is there not a way to put the 103d firmware back on my nec 6650a???

Now You know as much as I do. I have the same problem. Maybe get those normal flashing tool from liggy, than flash with 1xx