NEC ND-6650A Firmware erroneously flashed 2.42 over 1.42

I made a simple mistake and flashed the 2.42 (Siemens OEM)version over the 1.42 Version on my NEC ND-6650A installed in an Amilo Laptop.

Though it is written not to do that, I did it by mistake.
So far I have not seen any problems yet.

Would it be a good idea to go back to 1.42 (Siemens OEM Version)?
What are the side effects if I’m staying at 2.42

any help is appreciated.


I doubt that will give you no problems…

Flash back to 1.42, this firmware is the right one for the connection/drive.

Did some burning of Data CD and DVD’s

Used another system for verification.
Both DVD’s and CD’s were readable.

What problems can arise?
If you know the difference between the 2.42 and 1.42 please let me know.


Will flash back anyway


It normally is connection specific for slimtype drives, eg. master, slave, CSEL…