Nec nd 6650a drive not working

i am seriously in need of some help. i have a dell inspiron 9300 with nec nc6650a dvd drive. it all started when two of my burning software programs were not detecting my drive. so according to their website i went to dell to update drivers. but dell only had one update for my drive which was a firmware update. i had no idea what it was but thought that it must be what i needed. well long story short it started flashing the new firmware and stopped before finishing. now my drive won’t do anything. and the green light flashes steadily. i am not an expert and seem to think i did something that may have ruined my drive but want to make sure. i do have dell’s support warranty should i try to get them to fix it or will they just say it’s my fault.

Probably no need to contact Dell…reflash with good firmware should cure the problem.

Use 203C from here:

Read the direction and follow to the tee…

It it highly recommended to use a slimline to IDE adapter and a desktop PC for this procedure instead of leaving the drive in your notebook. You might be unable to complete this procedure if the drive is still installed in your laptop. The drive has to be attached to the secondary IDE channel, you will probably get an error message on the primary channel.

so take the drive out of the notebook and use the slimline to ide adapter? i dont have a desktop.

i tried to reflash several times but won’t work. my firmware version say it is .05 but that’s not a valid version. i tried the binflash but it won’t even run. a dos window opens and closes all in about a half second.

how can i get a program to open a .bin file?

Then get the win32 version.

that’s the version i got but it won’t open. i click on it and then click run then a screen opens and closes very briefly, i can’t even see what it says but its a black screen like a dos prompt window. i don’t know much about this.

i finally figured out how to get it to run but after the disclaimer, it says error opening file. i am not able to open the .bin file so i guess my question is… do i have to get a program that is able to open the .bin file or should binflash be able to open it? sorry if i’m not making any sense and thanks to everyone trying to help.

is it worth it to try and save this drive…is it a good one or should i just go ahead and replace it? what would you do?

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Download the firmware again.