NEC ND-6650A CD-RW reading problem

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I have experimenting with firmwares of ND-6650A and after some time drive no more reads CD-RW media disks. It don read in all time after PC is powerd on it don read too and in any OS too.
Where is problem and how to solve it.

Other disks it reads without problems.
Drive comes in Fujitsu-Siemens Lifebook S7110.


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Sorry about mistakes in text.
My drive after experiment with firmwares from:
stop reading CD-RW media disks. It reads DVD, DVD±RW, fabric original disks CD, DVD.
I cannot understand where is problem and how to solve it.
Drive comes in Fujitsu-Siemens Lifebook S7110.


Very important this is for me. Please help.

Was Nero InCD or other program that uses packet writing used to write to CDRW, or were files burned to CDRW using a burning program? If packet writing was used, are you able to reformat CDRW and write to them after format? FYI I find packet writing so unreliable I no longer use it. If packet writing isn’t the culprit, then the problem lies elsewhere.

No software. All CD-RW media reads other my desktop drive, but not ND-6650A. During starting when I am in BIOS I put media in drive and it cannot start it reading. This problem in Windows and before Windows is started.
Does anyone know whre to get original Fujitsu-Siemens firmware for this drive?

What has that to do with the BIOS???

Anyway, the problem is that specific CD-RW media.

How is it rated, what brand, what size?


I will test again in saturday. If there will be no chance I will continue to ask help.


I am sorry, but problem is laser for drive. Topic can be closed.