Nec ND-6650A burning/reading problems

I have updated the firmware of my Nec ND-6650A burner to 103c which i downloaded from the DELL website as I have a dell laptop. Whenever i burn a dvd with my laptop it only plays on certain dvd players but it doesn’t on others. DVDs i burn with this burner also wont playback on my laptop. I also have had this problem when burning data to a dvd disc which the burner will then not read. I don’t really know alot about firmware and flashing but I’m using nerovision express 3 to burn movies from avi to dvd.

I’m pretty sure its down to the burner as ps2 game backups never work even with the use of different media but they work fine if i use my desktop pc to burn them. I know i could just settle for the burner on my desktop but it seems pointless having a dvd burner on my laptop that doesn’t work.

Does anyone know what the problem could be or would it be a good idea to contact DELL?? :confused:

What kind of media are you using with it? Usually NEC burners don’t like to burn cheap media.

TDK and Datawrite, what would you recommend?

Check out this thread. If you’re trying to burn DVD-R media, then you might have to try Verbatim discs.

I’m probably going to have access to my sister’s laptop soon (to do updates for her) so I can test a burn of Verbatim DVD+R and DVD-R…only have 8x ones at the moment.