NEC ND-6650 & Dell Inspiron XPS (Gen 1)

Does anyone know if the “NEC ND-6650” will work in the Dell Inspiron XPS (gen 1)?


All slimtype drives are standardized, and except for a bezel mismatch and potential slave/master/cable-select issues, there is no reason why a standard slimtype drive won’t work in a laptop. Esp. since Dell bundles this drive with some of the laptops that it sells (I came across one this way, in fact).

(In the future, please take a look at the FAQs).

Thanks for the help, I did look at the FAQ, but I noticed that when looking for bargains on the drive, I couldn’t find a single user that had had an experience w/ that optical drive & notebook, but almost all other Inspiron models were mentioned.

Just double checking, b4 I plunk down $100 @ Newegg for one of these…:slight_smile:

I don’t really care if it matches my color or anything, just hoping someone here had a personal experience w/ that drive & the Dell Inspiron XPS (gen 1).