NEC ND-6550A rpc1 Firmware

I have seen the ND6500A rpc1 firmware, but does anyone have a link to ND6550A rpc1 firmware?


ala42 already answered you this question in sticky thread above. :wink:

And to my knowledge, you’ll find ND-6650_rpc1 at the same place all other modified NEC firmware are posted; “Liggy’s and Dee’s NEC page”.

I have not seen a sticky thread anywhere by ala42 regarding 6550A the firmware and you are wrong in your reply - I asked for a link to firmware for the ND-6550A, not the ND-6650A. They are completely different drives.

Thanks anyway, but does anyone know whether this firmware exists, or is it possible to use the ND-6500A firmware?


Sorry about any confusion, but there seems to be some misunderstanding… :wink:

Checking at NEC Global site, there isn’t any drive named “ND-6550”.

Cann you provide detailed drive information using latest Nero InfoTool. :slight_smile:

I only know 6450 and 6650 drives, but never heard of a 6550.

Sorry guys. I was doing this for a mate and must have written down the wrong drive.
I will double check, but it must be the 6650A.
Thanks for your responses.