Nec ND-6500A

NEC releases new slimline DL burner!

News post here:

8x DVD ±SlimWriter 8.5GB (ND-6500A) features:

* Read:
      o DVD: 8x (11,000 KB/s max.)
      o CD: 24x (3,600 KB/s max.) 
* Write:
      o DVD+R: 8x (11,000 KB/s max.)
      o DVD+R9 2.4x (3,300 KB/s max.)
      o DVD+RW: 4x (5,500 KB/s max.)
      o DVD-R: 8x (11,000 KB/s max.)
      o DVD-RW: 4x (5,500 KB/s max.)
      o CD-R: 24x (3,600 KB/s max.)
      o CD-RW: 16x (2,400 KB/s max.) 
* Access time:
      o DVD: 160 ms
      o CD: 130 ms 
* 2MB buffer
* ATAPI Ultra DMA 33 mode 2
* PIO mode: Mode 4
* Supports media: DVD-ROM, DVD-R, DVD+R, DVD-RW, DVD+RW, CD-ROM, CD-R, CD-RW (high/ultraspeed) 80/120 mm
* Supports formats: DVD-ROM, DVD video, CD-DA, CD Extra, CD Text, CD-ROM, CD-ROM XA, CD-I, CD-I Ready, CD-Bridge, Photo-CD, Video CD
* Write methods:
      o DVD: Random Access Writing (DVD±RW), Sequential Writing (DVD±R/DVD±RW)
      o CD: DAO (disc at once), SAO (session at once), TAO (track at once) with zero gap, multisession 
* Can be installed vertically
* 128x12.7x129mm size
* 0.19kg weight
* Availability: July 2004

Very good.

Is there any price for it?

ahh great! :stuck_out_tongue: …I wonder what notebook it will fit into? I’m to buy one so I want to make sure it will fit.
Also, if i buy one of that superthin notebooks without room for dvd drives, then is there any firewire enclosure I could use to carry this nice slim nec around?..


The NEC ND-6100A fit into my Dell Inspiron 9100 laptop so I am sure the 6500A would fit as well.


The Dangerous Brothers are looking for the firmware for the 6500A drive.
If someone could download the firmware from your drive, it would be greatly appreciated. More info here

I would like to know where you can purchase one of these drives?


Mine is on the way from Newegg :slight_smile:
I hope there are plans for bitsetting additions to this FW…

Just got my drive from cyberport, 119 Eus, moved the existing frame and tiny screws to the 6500A, slipped it into my Yakumo … poof … finally I can read DVD+R … no luck with Nero, but Nero likes it ok. Flashed the Dangerous Brothers windows flasher and now rpc1 … all wonderful … greatly to be recommended thanks to all …