Nec nd-6500a firmware?



Hey there,
im looking for a firmware for the nec nd-6500a that will make it so i can burn all media at 8x. Anyone know where i can find this firmware?


There is no such firmware and will probably never be one at all. Lots of discs are not capable of being written at 8x at all and you need to find a proper writing strategy to get decent burns with better media.


does any1 know of a list of 8x media that burns at 8x in the 6500a? Do ritek g05s? how about TDK 8x ?

What is bitsettings? I heard there’s a firmware that allows u to change the bitsetting for DVD+R’s.


Read the first thread you get when you do a search here for ND-6500A…it’s called NEC ND-6500 slim DL burner for Notebook. It will answer all of your questions.


Here, try this (if you still need it). It contains the suported media and speeds for the 6500 with the OEM 2.24 firmware installed. YMMV with other versions. Note: these are direct downloads.

Firmware: (zipped. DUH!)

Supported Media: (in excel format)

As for the rest, read MIJ’s response…


Thanks for the response guys. Better late then never :iagree:


There are new x.24 firmwares released for this drive model now, for both 2.x and 4.x firmware versions. They are available from the NEC Germany download page:


That’s old news. You can already find modified versions of these firmwares that include bitsetting for all plus discs here or here.


I have a question for you all…I have the 6500A and just wondering…when you binflash , you get a box and you click on the booktype…when you click on that you get 3 boxes DL, SL and I forget the other…anyway im just burning DVD+R and I flashed the drive already…whats the difference between all 3 of them…does it change the speed of burning depending on what you choose…My 8X only burnes about 6x. I flashed it 2.24 and noticed only the DL box can be changed… does it matter when trying to get the true 8X burn … Dont really care about doing DL right now, just want faster burn for DvD + R.