NEC ND-6500A burns at 8x but takes 4x time




I am new to this forum so please excuse me if I say anything that may sound ignorant.

Here is my problem. I have a Dell 600m laptop that came with the NEC ND-6500A dvd burner. It’s an 8x dvd burner with dual layer capabilities. I purchased a 50 pack of Memorex DVD+R disks rated up to 8x. I burn the DVDs using Nero Burning Rom 6.6 and it recognizes the media as 8x and starts to burn. It shows a time remaining of about 7:30, give or take a few seconds, to complete the burn. Now here is the problem, it finishes burning about 15-18 minutes later. That doesn’s seem like 8x speed and is more of what I was getting on my desktop machine with a 4x burner.

I am starting to pull my hair out trying figure this thing out. I hope there is someone out there with the knowledge to fix my problem before I go completely insane.


Could you give us more information about your system


its a dell 600m
Windows XP Pro
1.8Ghz Pentium M
512mb RAM
80GB 5400rpm hard drive
Radeon 9000 64MB

I’m not sure what else you would need to know.


The ND-6500 isn’t a really fast burner. When using Nero 6 you can add a registry setting to show the acutal write speed (there is a sticky in the nero forum on how to enable this on the cdfreaks recording software forum). After that you will see the actual write speed starts at 2.4, then 4, 6 and finally 8 speed.
I’ve noticed the ND-6500 only writes at 8 speed for the last 15%. Compared to a 2510 it takes longer to write a dvd at 8 speed.


I have a:
its a Dell Inspiron 6000m
Windows XP Pro
1.86Ghz Pentium M
512mb RAM
60GB 5400rpm hard drive
Radeon X300 64MB
Nero 6

I used to be able to burn at 8x but now I get the same problem as discribed above. It is taking twice as long now… any ideas?


If you are willing to sacrifice one of your blank discs, then please use Nero CD-DVD Speed and post the resulting pictures from:

  1. Disc Info
  2. Create Disc
  3. Benchmark


Nero fooled you by the time info.

In general, slimtype burners are slower than HH/standard ones.

Probably these Memorex media were burned at 4x anyway…