NEC ND-6500A (All Flashed Out!)

Let me preface this post w/ an apology if I’m asking the most asenine of ?'s or if it is so obsolete that it has already been answered by Ben Franklin, but I’ve been struggling for 2 days now w/ this issue and despite my user name think I should’ve been able 2 figure out the problem by now. I have an Inspiron 1150 that I recently purchased from Dell. It came w/ a sony dvr 56 something which was actually a liteon, but that’s a whole other nightmare.

Anyway, they sent me this ND-6500a as a replacement. Although Nero states it’s burning at 8x, a 14-20 min burn is barely 4x, so I googled my problem and find myself here. No lie, I’ve flashed this drive a minimum of 7 times (all successful!) using different bin’s like 223-14.10.04.bin, 240_20.08.04.bin, 223fast.bin, 257_27.10.2004, I could go on, but I’d guess you get the picture. NONE of these firmwares seem to solve my problem. I can only still achieve a 14 min burn at best using my current media, (ProdiscF01, confirmed by Nero, DVD Identifier), although when I examine the write strategies of these different bins (nec dump) they all show that they should support 8x burning on my media. Now I suppose I can buy the idea that the same media, same software (nero 6.6.whateva) can have different results in different burners (my desktop-AMD which is currently trying not 2 overheat using a DVR-109 easilly burns 8.5-10 mins at 8x), but there has to be a better method than trial and error for me to achieve what I’m looking for.

Am I asking too much for my 8x burner to burn at 8x?! Btw, some of the bin’s boasted rip-lock or something, yet decrypter showed they ripped no faster than the original firmware (202c) that came installed. I went to sleep at 8am this morn. looking for a resolution and I’ll be burning the midnight oil again unless someone shows me some mercy. Please help!

The problem with Laptop drives is that they generally have slower writing speeds than your desktop drives. While desktop drives are able to reach 16x at the end of the disc, 8x is the maximum speed and they can only start at about 4x. Depending on the writing strategy (CAV, Z-CLV) this may lead to much slower burning times than what you might expect.

You could try to make a writing test in Nero CD/DVD Speed to see how fast it writes your discs from the beginning to the end.

If I sent u the info., do u believe u could possibly advise me of a solution?

I don’t know if there is a solution at all. Maybe the drive already burns with the max. possible speed.

I also have a ND-6500 in my Dell 8600 and based on experiences with all kind of NEC dvd burners let me just recap what has been mentioned in various threads already.

DVD burners above 4 speed only reach their maximum writing speed at the outer tracks of a disc. Normally the writing speed starts at 4x and steps up during the writing process to their maximum speed. For an 8 speed writer this might be 4, 6 and 8. The point where the speed is increased is controlled by the writing strategy of the firmware for a specific disc.

Burning software like Nero does not show the actual writing speed at a given moment, it just displays the maximum writing speed. There is however a way to have Nero show the actual writing speed and it is explained in this thread.

Burning a dvd on a 6500 with Nero and showing the actual writing speed reveals the following steps: 2.4 - 4 - 6 - 8.
As you can see the writing starts at 2.4 and that’s where this drive is loosing a lot of time. Most desktop burners start at 4 speed and step up to higher speed earlier. I guess it’s a mechanical issue.

The conclusion is that the 6500 is an 8 speed burner, but a slow one. It takes some time to get there. Compared to 8 speed desktop burners the 6500 lacks some mechanical strength for a high(er) rotation speed and thereby higher writing speed.

Not the answer I was looking for, as I was hoping for a quick fix. I do concede though that it sounds logical, and I will indeed change my Nero settings 2 clock the actual speed just out of curiousity. But really, it doesn’t matter to me what speed the drive starts/ends at. I’m interested in the average…I could live w/ a min or 2 slower than my desktop, but twice as long is a bit much! I would like to ask you, or anyone for that matter, if you believe that the problem is just indicative w/ this make and/or model or am I doomed to be disappointed w/ most notebook burners? I purchased a new system for the sole purpose of having a 2nd cpu capable of burning at 8x; and decided to go w/ a laptop mostly b/c of space limitations. My system isn’t even a month old and if it can’t live up to my expectations (w/in reason), I want to consider other options…

Join the club, it really sucks even more for the read speed on just regular dvd’s, like 2-5X. With dvdr it at least reads about 6x, funny how it can burn way faster than read??? Well I just got used to it, at least its nice to have a laptop with a burner, and besides I can still remember when dvdr were $10 each and burning was 1X max :bow:

it was? Yikes!

I just put one of these ND-6500a drives in my Dell laptop. I had the DW-R56A burner installed that came with QDS1 firmware. I updated that to PFS1 firmware so that it would burn DVD-R disks. It worked quite well. I thought the NEC drive would be better, so I put it in to give it a test. I haven’t yet burned a disk in less than 15 minutes with the NEC drive. I think the updated DW-R56A drive could manage a 12 minute burn with the right blank DVD-R. I have tried Ritek G04 DVD-r, TYG02, and some type of memorex DVD-R. This drive takes 15-17 minutes to burn a full DVD. I haven’t updated the firmware on the NEC drive yet, but I am researching it. Which brought me to these forums. No news here just sharing.