NEC ND-6450a won't burn with 16x dvd's

Hello everyone,
I recently ran out of 8x TDK DVD+R’s and purchased new 16x TDK discs. I am getting burn errors that reject these new discs using either Nero or Sonic Record Now software. I then tried Verbatim 16x discs and had the same problems.

I know this recorder is an 8x unit, but shouldn’t it burn a 16x disc at 8x?

Would flashing the firmware to 6500 correct this problem?

I use printable discs for labelling and it seems like I’m finding only 16x discs now.

The firmware according to Binflash is 2.36


With Binflash, you can always try the new firmware and then flash back if you’re not satisfied…just make a dump of your existing firmware and keep it in a safe place.

The firmware that you should try is the master firmware 203D. Version numbers are not always incrementing, but 203D is the lastest ND-6500 firmware wrt writing strategies. Make sure you are using the latest Binflash.

BTW, please post the MID of the disc you’re having trouble with. Perhaps someone else can chime in.