NEC nd-6450 can't burn to Sony 16x DVD-R

I just bought a 50pk spindle of these Sony 16x AccuCORE DVD-R and my drive doesn’t like them at all.
Firstly windows XP recognises them as a CD-R.

Nero (version lists burning speeds at 2.4x, 2x or 1x and is locked to Disk-at-once (im trying to burn a data disk)

When I actually go ahead and burn a DVD I get this error:

Illegal disc
Could not perform start of Disc-at-once

This happens at all 3 speeds.
I also had this problem with Nero 6.xxxx before I upgraded today.

The DVD’s seem to work fine on my Desktop DVD burner (Im burning one now)

I’ve tried upgrading the firmware to nd-6500a and had the same problem so I downgraded to the original firmware.

Any ideas? :doh:

Try DVD Identifier and check the media code and the recorder supported speeds for it

Looks like it needs a firmware update to understand this type of media. Try the latest version; it’s more likely to have support for it, but it’s not 100%. If it doesn’t, then if you ever spot a new firmware for the drive, install it. And it’s best to avoid 16x rated medias since your recorder eitherway burns at 8x max. Some 16x rated medias are not recorded properly when burned at low speed

Thanks for the reply.
I downloaded DVD Identifier and it doesn’t look too good

Im pretty sure i have the latest firmware for the 6450a drive (2.36)
However I also flashed it with the 2.33 + 2.34 6500a firmware and had no luck :confused:

I give up. I’ll just have to use my PC to burn them instead.

Assuming that SONY16D1 is the MID of your new discs, you can probably use Media Code Speed Edit and rename the “SONY” MID to “SONY16D1”. I think it’s only got 4x & 2x speeds but it’s a start.

FWIW, the latest ND-6500 firmware is probably the Dell 203d/403d.

I tried replacing SONY with SONY16D1 in the 203d firmware and it still didn’t like the discs.

DVD identifier reported the same thing.
“WARNING: Drive Did Not Report Any Write Speed Descriptors”

Maybe try the MID import instead. That way it gets all the info from DVD Identifier.

BTW after flashing to an ND-6500 firmware, have you check out Liggy’s Drive Converter to see if it’s a DVD-R limitation?
Liggy’s NEC Drive Converter

I used the import feature.

Just tried Liggy’s NEC Drive Converter and it’s the same old problem.

Thanks for your help though :slight_smile:

Only other thing I can think of is to not use the import feature and manually rename one of the SONY08D* types with SONY16D1.

Also have you removed the drive, booted Windows, shutdown and then re-inserted the drive? I’m grasping for straws here, but it’s worth trying.

Thanks for this advice!

Using Media Code Speed Edit, I was able to get my NEC nd-6450 (after upgrading firmware to nd-6500a) to burn the Sony 16x DVD-R discs!