NEC ND-6100A on Dell M60 Laptop

I have an NEC ND-6100A that came installed in a Dell Precision M60 mobile workstation. I would like to get the best performance and largest number of features available from the physical hardware. Ultimately, what I would like to accomplish is (#1) expand the choices of media that can be used with my hardware to both “+” and “-” dvd and cd media (since I believe the 6100 is limited to only “-” dvd media), and (#2) enable reading (and writing if possible) of dual layer media.

Can that drive be crossflashed (not sure if that is the correct term) to another drive model (like the ND-6500A) to achieve both objectives? Are there other methods to accomplish both of my objectives?

I’m sorry if I sound like a newbie - I am new in this area. Any feedback is seriously appreciated. Many thanks in advance!

You can cross-flash the ND-6100 to an ND-6500 using Liggy’s Binflash. DVD+R DL writing is supported at 2.4x and I highly suggest you stick with Verbatim for that kind in particular.

I believe the ND-6100’s use the master bootcode’s, so you should stick with the ND-6500 v2.xx series of firmwares. The latest is the Dell 203d (master). DO NOT change your bootcode to a slave one, just to try the 4.xx firmwares…you could end up with a lot of trouble getting your laptop to boot otherwise.

As far as media compatibility…if the MID’s in the latest Dell firmware are not sufficient, then you need to learn to use Media Code Speed Edit and customize your firmwares and reflash. I even had to use this with my ND-6750 firmware just to get it to burn Verbatim 8x and 16x media.

Many thanks for the response. I’ll crossflash to change it to a 6500A. One follow-up question, though. Why the Verbatim media? Just curious…

For DVD+R DL, the Verbatim is the one that is supported the most/best. It’s also what everyone here swears by. As a second option, I would stick with another name brand like FujiFilm.

If you get familiar with the MCSE program, you can see what DVD+R DL (aka DVD+R9) MID’s are supported. I don’t do a lot of dual-layer burning, so I can’t tell you what brands correspond to what MID’s.

I’ll definitely take a look at MCSE. Thanks again!