NEC ND-6100A help needed!

Ok guys, I need serious help with this one, it’s bugging the hell out of me. I just got a new Dell Inspiron XPS laptop with a built in NEC ND-6100A DVD/CD burner. DVDs burn fine on the drive, but everytime I try to burn an audio CD, it burns fine, but there is about 2 minutes on the audio disc that sound really staticy. I have tried everything I can think of. I set the virtual memory paging file to 2048, I followed everything on the FAQ of common problems, I have tried different CDs, different song combinations and nothing works at 24x. However, if I slow the burning down to 8x it works ok. This isn’t right, I should easily be able to burn at 24x on a Pentium 4 3.4 Ghtz with 1 Gb of RAM!!! I called Dell tech support and obviously they have no good advice other than reformat my hard drive (hmmm…no thanks) or try a burning software that doesnt use Windows, but sends data straight to the burner. Can anyone help me out here or even tell me a burning program that doesn’t send data through Windows?? Thanks a bunch!!!

Have I missed something? A laptop spec’d as a Pentium 4 3.4 Ghtz with 1 Gb of RAM!!! Hmmm…

Yep thats it. And a Raideon 9700 128Mb graphics card…

I’ve got the Inspirion 9100, P4 3.4gig, 1gig of ram etc etc … I have the same drive and I dont have that problem at all. What app are you using to burn ?

Also have you installed all the Intel INF update ?

  1. I tried using Sonic RecordNow (yes, I removed Sonic DLA) and I have also tried with Nero.
  2. I just installed*+XP+Home+Edition&submit=Go! is that right? Any other suggestions??? Thanks dude…

My computer is adesktop and weaker than your machine and it contains a NEC ND-2500A that I use for burning. I have a question, have you tried burning at 16X or 20X for your audio cds wiht that burner. Anytime I burn over 20X, The cds end up having lots of problems with playback on all my players once I get about 60% through the disc even though I get successful burns. I did see that you said that you slow the burning down to 8X and it works. Are there other speeds inbetween 8X and 24X for you to use. I beileve that burning the disc is not your problem, but it could be that playback becomes an issue when the media is burned at high speeds. I use Nero for burning and 20X comes out pretty fast for me. I hope that this helps you.

Please list the various CD-R discs that you have used.
What EXACT version of Nero are you running?

You might wanna try burning at 12x or less for audio CDs. I’ve read, I’m thinking either at Anandtech or Tomshardware, that this is needed due to how non CD-ROM players read the CDs differently. i.e.-48x CDs give me mucho skips in my car when i hit a bump while the 12x usually play fine. Hope this helps. =) Also, have you flashed the firmware?

was this issue ever resolved? I am having exactly the same problem, please advise. Thank you.