NEC ND-5100A problem


My friend gave me his slimline NEC ND-5100A. Apparently, it’s not working (I don’t know any details further) and he ask me if I could watch what’s wrong with it. As I don’t have laptop computer (and I must connect it to computer to find out what’s wrong with it), is there any way I can install the drive in my desktop computer? Maybe there is a sort of IDE cable or something, that I can use?

Thanks in advance!

This is the exact one I purchased. Worked great with my ND-6750. Just make sure you attach the adapter to your secondary IDE port with no other devices since it might be in either master or slave mode.

For firmware options, I believe you can upgrade to an ND-5500 to get DVD-R write capabilities. [B]DO NOT[/B] switch between v1.xx or v2.xx firmwares since that corresponds to whether the bootcode on the drive is a master or slave one. Stick with the current version you have…most likely you’ve got a Dell v1.xx since it is an ND-5100.

Great! Thanks for answer.
Unfortunately, online shoping isn’t available for Bosnia… But at least I now know what to look for.
I thought of crossflashing to 5500. The current firmware is 1.20, and there’s a HP sign on it, so I believe it’s a HP OEM…

More stuff is here: