NEC ND-5100A DVD+RW Big trouble

Hi everyone. I just tried to install a firmware for my drive (NEC ND-5100A DVD+RW) and I received an error (something like "Problem sending firmware to device). From then my device doesn’t appear anymore in My PC. I did that 'cause my device only was working with DVD movies. :sad: It didn’t read software CD’s and music CD’s neither. Please help ! I am a newbie. Thank you very much.

Sorry, Ovidiu… But we cannot help you. :sad:

With only this few information on what exactly you did, it’s almost impossible to help you. But chances are that your drive has died now. If the eject button still works or the drive LED flashes, it should be possible to get your drive back to life again. Otherwise you probably have to replace it.

BTW: Flashing usually does NOT help if some kind of disc is not recognized at all. This usually means something is broken and your drive needs to be repaired/exchanged.

The eject button doesn’t work anymore and the drive LED is green lighted. It doesn’t flash. Anyway, thank you very much. I think I’ll replace it.
BTW, sorry for my english! I am romanian and I live in Spain. I had to learn the spanish language and the english one is almost lost. Thanks a lot, again.

Maybe you used Binflash v1.10 or earlier, which had a severe bug when flashing this kind of drives.