NEC ND-5100A DVD+R or DVD-R?

I had been using Sony DVD+R discs with a 95% coaster rate.

I had bought (3) 10 packs last year.

I had thought that I had gotten stuck with crappy media, so I bought a 50 pack of TY DVD+R discs.

I had very good burns with these, but still way to many errors, so I thought that I would try to burn a CDR instead.

I had also bought a 50 pack of CDR’s 1 1/2 years ago, and never had a problem with them.

I looked at the spindle and noticed that they were CD-R discs.

Then I got an instant flashback of when I first got the drive and made nothing but coasters because I had bought CD+R discs instead of CD-R discs.

The store that I bought them from gave me a full exchange of the CD+R spindle for the CD-R spindle sans the 8 coasters, which was most excellent of them.

I called NEC about this, and they told me that I could only use -R media with this drive.

My question to all of you is why this is so.

I can see from the image below that my drive only supports CD-R, but it says it supports DVD+R as well as DVD-R.

Anybody feel like explaining this to me??

And go easy on the tech talk please.

according to the table above, your drive can only burn +r, not -r.
by the way, their is no such thing as cd+r, only cd-r.
let me break it down like this:

Your drive can PLAY:cd-r, dvd-r, & dvd+r
But it can ONLY BURN: dvd+r & cd-r

cd-r is the recordable cd format
dvd-r & dvd+r are recordable DVD formats.

keep in mind that this is only in reference to the table you posted above, but i can do research on this drive to make sure of it’s features

yes, i just checked, your drive can only burn dvd+r, not dvd-r. It also burns cd-r’s too.

However, if you are willing to take risks, you can upgrade your drive to a 5500a that burns both dvd+r and dvd-r with a specially adapted firmware.

I’d just stick to burning dvd+r’s instead of dvd-r’s because the procedure is very risky with the 5100a hardware (~50% sucess rate)

Thank much…

I got it now…

One more quick question though…

My booktype is set to DVD-Rom…

Does that make a diference as to why some of my DVD+ burns come out like crap??

I am using TY DVD+ Type T02…

I checked the discs out and they are legitimate, not fakes…

When I run them through the CD / DVD Speed disc scan, they come up with errors.

But when I copy the files back over to my hard drive, in a different directory, and compare them to the originals, they show up as identical.

the booktype is written on a portion of the disc that allows it to be identified by a reader or player, and therefore does not affect the burn. However, the dvd-rom booktype does increase the compatibility of some older dvd players if you’re burning movies.

When you can in cd/dvd speed what drive do you use to scan with?
And also what type of errors do you get? (pi/pif/po)
If possible, please post your cd/dvd speed result

I gotta run out for 2 hours.

When I get back, I will post all the scans for the CD-R disc that I recorded last night.

Keep in mind though, I cannot use CD / DVD Speed to scan my DVD’s, except for the read scan, because my drive does not support it.

The drive that I use is the same drive that I burn with, NEC ND-5100A…

I burned the CD-R at 8x, which seems to give me the best burn with this media…

Below are 3 scans of the same CD-R at three different speeds, with one hour between scans to let the drive cool down…

This is the scan and info for maximum read speed

This is the scan and info for 16x read speed

This is the scan and info for 4x read speed


What drive are you using to scan with?


I only have one drive, NEC ND-5100A.

So I scan and burn with the same drive.


The 5100 is not a scanning recorder - look at the CD-DVD approved list here:

You need a DVD reader/writer from the list to do legitimate scans of media-


I’ve gone through many different parts of the site that you linked, but I can’t find any list of approved drives…

Do you have a link to the page of list??



You can find the list of drives here: