NEC ND-4571A unable to read any discs

I got a problem I thought you guys might be able to help me with :slight_smile:

I just got me a shiny new ND-4571A. I installed it into my PC and it did recognise as a drive, but is unable to read any disc I put in. The drive just locks up and freezes any software I try to get to access the drive (Nero, DVDINFO), until I eject the disc.
I am running it as a master on the primary ide channel, and regardless of wheather I place it alone on the channel or I put my working Pioneer 109 on it the same thing happens.
It shows full drive information in DVDINFO, eg capabilities, etc.
Changing the firmware doesn’t help.
DMA mode is set to UDMA-2.
I have tried Verbatim DL, RiDisk Ritek and RiVision MCC 03RG20 (as well as pressed discs)
I set the region as soon as I put the drive in to R2.

any ideas, except RMA?

OK, does the Pio run in UDMA4 mode?
UDMA2 - ist that the correct setting for the 4571, not maybe UDMA4 mode too?!?

I wouldn’t set it up as PRI MAS, even when I did that few times already. It will slow down any other drive connected as PRI SLA…

Hi Chef.
The Pioneer runs in UDMA4 yeah, even when connected as slave to the NEC. According to the NEC site UDMA2 is the correct mode (they actually say Ultra DMA 33, but its the same thing right). It actually slipped into PIO mode a few times, but I think that was because I was messing with firmwares trying to get it to speak to me without rebooting the PC.

Good thing is all my hd’s are SATA, so I’ve got 2 spare IDE channels. I use only one because it gets too messy in the case.