NEC ND 4571A trouble with labelflash

Hello everyone

I am a new member of this forum site .

I have a question about trouble i have with a NEC ND 4571A

I have read on several internet site’s that the ND 4571A has the possibility to use LABELFLASH.
Allthough i have the ND 4571A when i use the program Nero Cover Designer for labeling a DVD the program won’t recognise the writer.
I use NERO 7 Premium Version and the firmware on the writer is 1.21 from the website of liggy dee.
Does anybody know how i can enable the labelflash option in NERO coverdesigner.
The program does not give my writer availible to use labelflash.
Do i need another Firmware or what ???
Please help me

First of all. Welcome to the forum.

NERO 7 Premium Version is not a released version of Nero, so i’m afraid we can’t help.