NEC ND-4571A Slow On The Fly

I just got this burner, I had a pioneer 108 before that could go up to 8X on the fly with my liteon dvd rom. The nec wont go faster than 4X. Is there anything I can do to get it up to speed?

Are the drives on the same IDE channel/cable?

Also what media are you burning to?

Yes they are on the same cable, just like they were when I was using the pioneer, im using verbatims aswell. Everything is the same as when I was using the pioneer but im using the nec instead of the pioneer.

It’s not good having the reader & burner on the same cable for on the fly copying, which is not recommended anyway.

Check the DMA status of the NEC, it should be Ultra DMA mode 2.

I think that the Pio 108 was a UDMA mode 4 burner which would probably explain it’s ability to write faster on the shared cable.

Ye its dma mode 2, ill try putting it on a different cable. I have 2 hard drives on the other cable though, how can I go about setting it up?

I’d have the ROM on 1 channel with a hard drive & the burner on the other with the other HD.
Which goes on which is determined by which HD you’d burn from as that’s the one to have the ROM on it.