NEC ND-4571A : Post your scans and questions here

I hope Liggy can publish a 4571 bitsetting/rpc1 firmware soon so I can test :slight_smile:

Can the 4571 use LabelFlash (DiscT@2) on the data side of CD-R media, unlike the 4551?

Is you 4571 a dependable scanner just like Dee’s 4570, or is it loopy just like some of the 3550…4551 drives?

Looking forward to seeing scans and reading about your experiences with the 4571!

I’m sure the 4571 can only LF like the 4551. But it would be interesting if something has changed or not…

Test will follow later. Dinner is waiting :wink:

Burn speed 8x (burn time 8:05!!!)
If you forget about those two PIF spikes, the results is good. More scans will follow, also at 16x!

Liggy’s binflash tool 1.25 doesn’t support the 4570 and 4571 drive yet. Liggy, can you let us know if there is a new version in progress?

Labelflash options in Nero with the 4571 drive :slight_smile:

Custom settings, contrast level 100%:
7875 rpm = 44:41 min
4500 rpm = 78:12 min (testing this one)
2250 rpm = 156:26 min :eek:

Jeeez, Nero requires another update! :wink:

Whats the difference ebetween this and the 4551A? From nero it appears to add BD support, which I am assuming is Blue-Ray correct?

Wrong, the checkboxes are to the right of the label names. More info is on Liggy & Dee’s NEC 457x Page

FWIW I believe it’s just from 6x -> 8x DVD-R DL writing. Also from early reports it looks like the disc quality scanning is back to normal.

Where do you see that? I don’t see any BD support.

Edit. :slight_smile:
Poster already corrected, guys give him a break.

ScorpioSoft, looking at the recent history it might take some time with “new” tools.

Fuji DVD-R 8x LabelFlash media burned at 12x

Nero’s InfoTool shown by ScorpioSoft have all BD boxes unchecked, as its natural.
Nero last update was before this drive came out, so the time guess is wrong.
it would be interesting to see how long it would take for a normal burn.
Using Disc T@2 on CDs would depend on Nero/NEC/Yamaha, and probably it would mean some fees to Yamaha that would make drives more expensive…
As discs structure and capacity are dif, it would be necessary the firmware to be ready to perform calculations/burn for the two formats, and Nero to be ready to go along.
And the practical interest is lower than LF ( Disc T@2 comes as an extra for DVDs)

16x I think. :wink:

Scorpiosoft,please scan the disks which have been written down for speed 13x CAV and 16x CAV on yours Nec 4571,on Benq 1625. Whether were kept " high spikes " PIE/PIF on 2,25 GB and 3,75 GB?

No, it was 12x max. with CopyToDVD.

By the way, Labelflash results at 4500 rpm are very good! Takes a while to burn the image but I can do other things along.

When back from work I will post the results with the DVD scanned in my Benq 1625 drive.

I guess that chef meant that the media used was “Fuji DVD-R 16x LabelFlash” and not “Fuji DVD-R 8x LabelFlash” as you wrote (since the latter does not exist… right?).


Binflash might not support these drives before an official firmware update and even then they might not support dumping anymore. NEC added an additional protection clearly made to prevent people from dumping there firmware. It was easy to circumvent this protection, but I’m not sure whether I should enable it in Binflash.