NEC ND-4571A DVD-RAM Driver for Windows Server 2003

Hi there!

I am looking for DVD-RAM driver for Windows Server 2003. Anyboby knows about? The one from BHO for WinXP is not working on Win2003.

same here :slight_smile:

Is it 64bit drivers that is required?
I’m not familiar with server 2003 :o

64-bit driver will be also good…but I am looking for 32-bit driver for Win2003…

Just trying BHA’s latest driver to rewrite for Win2003…I am in state of testing… :slight_smile:

Have you tried Nero InCD? :wink:

But i’m not really sure if it works with Windows Server 2003. :frowning:

Tried…worked but Win2003 was crashing…InCD is a crap…I will not use this, even if it was LAST CHOICE…I’d rather use FAT32 with native support on Win2003…but finding for UDF solution… :slight_smile:


32 & 64 will be nice :slight_smile:


InCD. Scary thought.

Hm, i don’t have any Problems with this Software. :confused:

But i must say, that i’m not using it very often…so perhaps i didn’t realized the bad till now. :frowning:

i remember the day’s when i was playng with directCD, what a nightmare, once i played with inCD and it was the same thing as it was with directCD, so i’ll never install those in my pc unless i’m ready to use the this —> format c:

but maybe other people were more lucky than me, and had no problem with that kind of software.

I modified some 64bit drivers to work on the 4570/4571 drive and Windows XP x64 edition, but i don’t think they will work on server 2003.

I think this depends on whether it’s a 32 or 64 bit version of Server 2003. XP and Server 2003 are very similar. Everything that works on one system should work on the other one too.

Both 32bit and 64bit versions for Win2003 will be useful for me…
But any of these for WinXP is not working on Win2003…already tried it. :frowning:

xp equivalents will just work without problems under w2k3. Like almost any software will do…
They do work, maybe you have tried with the wrong ram drivers.

and where are the correct drivers located?
the one’s i had worked fine with xp :slight_smile: but not with 2003 server.

Uh, that sucks.
You have used the BHA ones?
I had tried with those from Pana.

Have used from PANA and BHA…none worked on Win2003…did you tried it on Win2003??? Or you are just guessing???

Do you have the 64bit version of 2003 installed? If you have, let me know and i’ll send you the working 64bit drivers i have to try.

Any MS OS you want. I have an MSDN Operating System Subscription. :smiley:

just send i can be a tester… :slight_smile: But It will take a while…but will be today… :slight_smile:

Check your PM’s :wink:

same here, both didn’t work.