NEC-ND 4571, where can I get one?

I live in the United States and I am wanting to get one of these new drives. Where can I get one and if they ship to the United States?

I heard that there are shops in the UK that ship to the States. Maybe somebody overhere can give you the links.

Hi :slight_smile:
Welcome to the forum cd3000,
I believe Overclockers ship to the states. But only have the 4551 in stock currently. Komplett have stock & cover most of europe & the british isles. Not sure about the states.

They ship worldwide! :slight_smile:

Just don’t get too excited. I have the 4570 and the only media I found that burned well was TYG02. Even TY T02 had problems. NEC always does better with later firmware but just don’t expect too much right away.

second Chillblast, thats where I bought by 4551, they also include the labelflash disc at no extra cost (I had to specifically ask for it) and only increases the shipping time a little.