NEC ND-4570A or LG4167B


I think about buying a new DVD-Burner. Perhaps some of you can tell me which one of these 2 Burners is the better one:
NEC ND-4570A

I know there are some threads about them but no thread compares the 2 Burners. :confused:

I see that there is also a NEC ND-4571 . What about this burner?

The NEC ND-4571A drive is exactly the same as the NEC ND-4570A, except that the 4571 supports LabelFlash (a technology similar to LightScribe and used to burn labels on special LabelFlash DVD+/-R media).

I have no opinion on the NEC 4570/4571 vs LG 4167.


Do you know if there is a better burner than these 2? Which one is the best on the market at the moment?

There’s no drive that will do everything or that is best at everything, so it depends on your needs.

Without knowing anything about your particular needs, a BenQ DW1650 or DW1655 (same as 1650 but with LightScribe support) is generally considered among the best drives available at the moment. None of these two BenQ drives will read or write DVD-RAM however.

my needs are to have best writing QUALITY results, that means that the discs will last a long time. The writing speed is not so important. The QUALITY of the burned discs (very few pi-errors ect.)

In the test of this forum the lg had good quality results…do you think the benq has better?


I personally think both my LGs turn out great quality burns, on good media, of course (I’m very fond of my LGs for that reason, so I could be a little biased :bigsmile: ).

However, I’ve never used a BenQ or NEC, so I can’t comment on those. :slight_smile:

so you say i can’t make anything wrong with the lg4167?

There is a thread you should read before purchasing the 4167B -

Now, not all drives are the same - mine works excellently. :slight_smile:

hmm :S

So perhaps a NEC makes at least better burn and reading results?

If burn quality is your main criteria, you might want to give the 4570 a miss. Judging from the preview of the 4570 posted here :

The burn quality on DVD+R media has a few high PIF spikes. Recent NEC drives seem to suffer from this anomaly. While most reviewers choose to ignore it, I think it is quite relevant. The fact is that other writers don’t display such artifacts. In particular, the Pioneer 110/A10 series of writers produce burns without such artifacts, despite the fact that they also use NEC chipsets. Note that both NEC and Pioneer writers don’t seem to support booktyping for DVD+R discs.

My 4167B doesn’t display the problems Arachne listed above and I’m reasonably happy with it. However, I might just be a lucky fellow.

If you are unconfortable with the risks presented by Arachne above and don’t really need booktyping/bitsetting, I’d advise you to go for the Pioneer 110 series of writers instead.

At least I’ve got a 2 year guaranty on

When I buy the LG4167, how can i test if the Drive is ok and doesn’t have errors?
Burn some DVD’s and launch cd-speed on the lg4167?

“The NEC ND-4570A used CAV (Constant Angular Velocity) to write our Verbatim DVD+R media (manufactured by Mitsubishi Chemicals) at 16x. The Average write speed was 11.75x with a total write time of 6 minutes and 8 seconds. The result is very good. (Thanks to Verbatim for sending this media).”

Here it is said that the result with DVD+R media is “very good” with the NEC 4570A…where are the high PIF-Spikes

the high errors only seems to be with the 4550A!?

I have both drives. You should avoid the NEC unless you burn TYG02 exclusively, and you should especially avoid it if it is your only drive. Now you are only left with a single choice. You need to consider other drives. The LGs tend to be very high quality burners and also are one of the only brands to burn at a true 16X with 8X quality as well as very good burns on MCC 03RG20. Being that there is some dispute with some drives, you will have no way to find out if you are having any problems because you cannot scan.

If you go with the LG, you should stick to MCC or TY and find someone with a Liteon or BenQ to give you feedback. My 4167 with the Buffalo firmwarehas no problems.

thanks for the advice…

damn and the lg 4167 is not able to scan the media? With my PIONEER DVD-RW DVR-K14L DVD-Burner i scanned some discs and it worked. So it scanned the discs and the error-rate ect. Or are the results meaningless and only the liteon or benq gives “true” results?
sorry for my bad english it’s a little late here :stuck_out_tongue:

If you want consistent results, you use Liteon. BenQ is good most times, and Pioneer and NEC are better than nothing but are not always able to confirm a real problem.

so if i buy a LG 4167 i can’t check if it has the problems some people reported here?

It would be terrible if the media i burn with it has many pi-errors because the drive is defect and writes only with poor quality and i don’t notice… :sad:

Here is a quick answer to your question. Buy the benQ 1655, awesome quality burns on TY +/- R and it can scan them so you can see exactly how good they are. I use both the 4167/4163 and the 1655, they are all three really good but the BenQ can scan them.

"I have both drives. You should avoid the NEC unless you burn TYG02 exclusively, and you should especially avoid it if it is your only drive. "

Is the 4570A also only good on TYG02???

Because in the preview test the burning result with verbatim DVD+R was “very good” … :confused:

whats about the Liteon SHM-165P6S or other liteon burners??
or the Plextor PX-755A or other plextors???

the lg is the cheapest i can get here in germany but i’m a little bit afraid that i get a bad model and i can’t detect it because i don’t have a liteon or benQ drive to scan the media, only the pioneer! :confused: