NEC ND-4570A 8x DL DVD writer available in UK

I just posted the article NEC ND-4570A 8x DL DVD writer available in UK.

Dee-27 used our news submit to tell us "NEC’s latest drive, the ND-4570A is on sale in the UK. From a quick glance at the drive, it has a new bezel design and…

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They keep on selling high speed DL drives but the discs do not exist or are too much expensive… :frowning:

Another CD Freaks exclusive! :B

where to buy from ? have this in stock! “- DVD+R 16x, DVD-R 16X - DVD+R9 8X, DVD+RW 8X - DVD-RW 6X - DVD-RAM 5X - Read 16X, CD-RW 32X, Read 48X - Access time 160ms - Buffer Size : 2MB” does this have labelflash?
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I don’t think it does support labelflash because NEC labelflash drives end in a model number with a 1, such as 3551 or 4551. I could order it from the for $62 including international shipping to the US, but I should probably wait to see if I can get it from a US store.

Buying a 10pack of Verbatim DL discs is more expensive than buying this drive! How ridiculous!

There’s nothing new there. I’ve been waiting over a year now for decent quality 8X +RW discs to become available in the USA.

MicroDirect have them in for £31.01 and available in beige, black or silver. They also have in a 10 pack of Mirror DVD+R DL for £15.74 or 50 single layer for £9.52, so that works out as just under 6 single layer DVD’s for the price of one dual layer! All prices include VAT, but not delivary as you can always go their shop in Manchester (fresh air’s good for you my mum use to say!)
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2 minutes eh? blimey how did i manage before!

“[I]Buying a 10pack of Verbatim DL discs is more expensive than buying this drive! How ridiculous![/I]” A ten pack of Verbatim DL media cost me 20 bucks a couple of weeks ago…

Not in the UK they don’t mate :slight_smile: £3.29 ($5.76 or thereabouts) each for a 4x +R DL = £32.90 for 10. The drive costs £29.99 from the same place, How come a few bits of plastic, aluminium and glue can workout more expensive than a precision laser equipped electronic device :o