NEC ND-4570 vs Pioneer DVR-111

I will be replacing my NEC 3540 to get DVD-RAM support and I’m hesitating between these two drives. Since I had no problems with NEC it would be an obvious choice to go with the 4570, but I thought other burners should be considered as well. I’ve read the reviews on both of them and they’re both said to be good. Still, I had the overall feeling that Pioneer might just be a better choice. It seems to be working at slower speeds, but maybe it gives better quality. I’d like to be able to burn CD-R, mostly at slow speeds for Audio CD, and the Pioneer seems to be very good at burning CD-R. As a con some media incompatibility is mentioned though. I usually use Verbatim and Maxell discs, but lately I’ve almost exclusively resorted to Maxell DVD-R with MXL RG04 ID. And of course I’d like it to have good quality when it comes to DVD-RAM, after all that’s the reason I’ll be buying it. With all this taken into consideration, would you say that the Pioneer is a better choice, or should I go with NEC?

And a last practical question: is it true that in 111D, the D stands for no DVD-RAM support?

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This is a no brainer. Get the Pioneer.

I’ve got both with the NEC in my backup PC & I very rarely use it. It’ll burn a few media OK but overall it’s burning quality is poor & the support from NEC with new firmware is the same.

The 111 is getting regular firmware updates & is very good with most media you throw at it.

The D means no RAM writing ability.

I actually bought the 111D & it’s now a 111L with RAM writing & LabelFlash , not that I use this last function. Cross flashing is a piece of cake.

You should think about the Optiarc AD-717xA series, too, if you want NEC :wink:
But watch out, there are lots of bad AD-717xA drives floating around, from what I’ve heard.

Thanks for the answers. I thought Pioneer was better, but still wanted to ask around before I buy. Optiarc or anything else would be harder to get though; I narrowed it down to these two models, because they are both available in a local store, and both cost about as much as I’m willing to spend.

Oh, and if it’s for the sake of DVD-RAM: The Optiarc has 12x DVD-RAM. :wink:

Pioneer= Good. NEC= Trouble. It wasn’t always that way; NEC seems to have dropped in quality.

I used NEC 3570@4571 (Same hardware as 4570) and absolutely hated its quality , bad burns with Sony D21 , TYG03 and decent burn with Daxon AZ2 :a

I immediately replaced it with Pioneer 111 and loved it since day one , excellent burns with both quality and average media :clap:

I was amazed when I read that bothe drives use the same chipset :


My NEC 4571A is my fasted DVD writer, but the scans at 16x and 12x are poor. At lower speeds it works better. Nevertheless my NEC 4550A is usually better except with DL-media, where the 4550A seems to have a problem. The Pio 111 clearly beats both drives as far as burn quality is concerned.