NEC ND-4551A - can someone reccomend a firmware?

hey guys, im flashing my 3550A to a ND-4551A… what is the best firmware to use if i want labelflash, bitsetting, dvd-ram, and the best media compatibility?

i know the liggy and dee versions are the best to use, how do i know which version to use?

You could read this thread.

i am using dee`s 1-x3 firmware with good results

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Please be careful when choosing the firmware and use binflash 1.24… you are flashing a crossflashed drive so READ Liggy and Dee firmwares for warning about crossflashed drives… I am using original bitsetting 1.08.

yeah, i heard they took out the feature from 1.25 to avoid legal issues. anyway, can someone explain to me what the problem is with crossflashed drives? if the hardware on the two drives is identical, the only things setting them apart are the firmware and bootcode telling it that its a 3550 not a 4551; with the bootcode flashed to 4551, running 4551 firmware, identical hardware, what makes a crossflashed drive different?

It is my understanding that some of the functions have been sabotaged on crossflashed drives by some third party firmware modders. (If this is not true, then please explain completely without misleading statements.) Stick to the official NEC firmwares as there are no reports of sabotaged firmware.

Care to elaborate? :flower:

It’s very straight forward.
In the case of the 3550 drive. No license fee has been paid to the copyright holders of DVD-RAM and Labelflash.
In the case of the 4550. No license fee has been paid to the copyright holders of LabelFlash.
When license fee’s are not paid. Copyright holders tend to get upset and could force (NEC or any other brand for that matter) to take legal action against the people circumnavigating this license fee.

i’m aware of the legal issues, but my question was about the functionality of the drive… i take it liggy and dee’s firmwares dont disable any of the functionality like dvd-ram or labelflash because they’re meant for official 4551 drives… so physically / functionally a crossflashed drive would be no different from its legal counterpart, right?

No, we do NOT disable any functions in our modifed firmware.

So can we use Liggy and Dee firmware despite the warning that they are not for crossflashed drives? For example 1-X3?

well i dont see how third-party firmwares can disable anything, as there’s no way to tell a crossflashed drive apart. unless the firmware is specifically meant for crossflashed drives (to disable unlicensed features), any firmware for the drive should work just as well as on a real 4551.

Please don’t post links or hints to a bootflasher.

I just wanted to test the 1-X3 on my crossflashed 4550@4551 for burn a few dvds and test the quality… i do not think the 1-08 firmware from Nec its the best one for my drive… i have some crappy dvd speed tests with Verbatim… :sad: :sad: :sad:

Dee, I just want to know if the drive will burn or blow up if i flash it with 1-X3… :bigsmile: :bigsmile: :bigsmile:

oops, sorry…

anyway which firmware should i go for? llun seems to have the most crossflashing experience, for better or worse…

apparently liggy uses the same drive, tho im suspicious whats under the hood of his 4551 lol…

Try and test some firmwares… for the 4551 you have Necs 1-08 and 1-85… or try 1-Z2… Never tried 1-X3 because it can burn my recorder… :bigsmile: :bigsmile: :bigsmile:

Try 1-X3 and let me know if everything went ok… :bigsmile: :bigsmile: :bigsmile:

i heard 1Z2 RPC is good to use… how is it different from the official firmwares, and what is the 1-X3? how is it bad for your recorder?

You must ask Liggy… :bigsmile: :bigsmile: :bigsmile:

I flashed 1-X3 and the drive appears ok… maybe it will explode later… but i must test it…