NEC ND-4551A 1.08 & Labelflash


I recently updated my NEC ND-4551A to firmware 1.08 and wanted to burn some Labelflash labels after finally acquiring some LF media. However, neither Nero 7 nor Nero 6 is able to print anything on the disc. After almost 5 minutes (fast) or almost 25 minutes (best), the tray opens but nothing was printed.
I know I burnt some labels on the data side using Nero 7 and FW 1.07, but never did this on the label side because I never had any LF media before. Any idea what might be wrong? Should I try with the LLS.DLL from the shipped CD (the Nero 6 and 7 versions I have have built-in support for LF)?


OK, forget it, Nero crashes when I try using the “original” LLS.DLL file from the CD (or DVD) that was shipped with the unit.

The install NERO from this CD!
I did ages ago and it worked without troubles.

The only problem with this is that the OEM version from NEC is not updatable.

What is the problem?? What OEM version?

This is easily updateable to!

If you want to use LF then install this Nero version from the CD.

Ah, sorry, you are right about being able to update to Last time I had, Nero only had an update with a lower version number and the updater kept telling me that I have a newer version installed. Anyways, I did a clean install after deleting the registry keys and the data from Program Files and Common Files, but it still doesn’t work. Maybe the discs are garbage? They are labeled FUJIFILM and are made in Taiwan (by Ritek). I tried with all five discs and all five fail to “accept” anything. I also tried updating to without success.

Did you run the Nero Cleantool too?
RitekF1, the only LF media I’ve seen so far. No problems with them (here).

They absolutely won’t work with your drive??

I didn’t run the Cleantool, but I doubt that makes a difference the only file that is responsible for Labelflash is LLS.DLL and that was replaced all the time. :frowning: Going to see if I can find another normal DVD and try writing a Disc T@2 label on it (on the data side).

Are you using the profiles or are you customizing the RPM and contrast?

I think the problem is solved now. I reflashed the device and just burnt a quick label with only a BG picture which seems to have worked. Adding some text and burning high quality now…

It seems to work - sort of. Nero CoverDesigner crashes telling me that an unhadled exception occurred in LLS.DLL and Nero Burning ROM burns the discs with an ugly border.

Uninstall it completely, also run Cleantool.

Then restart and install Nero new from scratch.

It’s definitely not the cause of the problem.

i think it is. It would have worked otherwise.

Well, how do you explain that it didn’t work, then I reflashed it and now it works “half”? It’s certainly not the software (or at least nothing that could be fixed by reinstalling it). The only place Nero writes data is in its directory and Common Files. There are some files stored in system32, but they are only MFC related AFAIK.

Cleantool, cleantool and cleantool.

It exists for a purpose!!!

OK, I unistalled Nero, deleted the installation folder and the data from Common Files\Ahead, deleted the data from %APPPATH% (Documents and Settings\user\Application Data) and ran CleanTool, restarted installed Nero from the CD I got with the NEC unit, restarted ran Nero, clicked on the LF icon, made a label, started to burn it and after the burn process finished, I had the same border I had before. There goes your CleanTool solution. :stuck_out_tongue:

Go on and start making stupid comments on someone else - you are not worth to get help if you react that way. :rolleyes:


Oh, come on, it was a joke. Look at the smilie. :wink: I really appreciate your efforts. :slight_smile:

I am wondering why the drive prints the disc with that dark ring in the outer margin. :frowning: Guess I will stick with my BenQ and LightScribe for printing labels if this doesn’t get solved.

BTW, here is a picture:

I reflashed the unit a third time and the weird thing is that the ring got larger.