NEC ND-4551 or 4570 or 4571

Not sure which to go for. I was orignally going to purchase the 4551, but then heard about the new 4570 and 4571 models.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated. :slight_smile:

I think that for the moment the 455x has better support from L&D.

vroom is right, but when considering that 457x benefits from ‘fast writing’ strategies (less speed shifts) and is better at scanning, I would go for the 457x, especially since is not more expensive than 455x and it is more future proof.

4571 is now available at SVP for around £31 and currently has some very nice deals on both 457x and 455x models (and cheap delivery).

Hi :slight_smile:
My vote goes with the 4570/4571. Already better than the 4550/4551. The potential is greater & as it’s newer longer support from Nec regarding f/w.
Liggy & Dee patches will be there, just a little patience required.

i probably should mention that i have a 4570 (it replaced my pioneer 106), and it’s very fast even at 6x :slight_smile: the only negative at the monent it the non-modified firm :slight_smile: and so far it seems to burn very nice the +R DL media :slight_smile: (dont know if it’s better from a plextor or a benq).

Thanks for your help people. So that narrows it down to two drives.

Would you recommend the 4571 or 4570?

Do you want/need LabelFlash? If yes then the 4571.

LabelFlash sounds like a good feature, but would be willing to do without it, if the 4570 is a better drive?

4570 and 4571 drives are (or at least should be) the same. If you’re willing to spend a bit more for Labelflash, go with the 4571. But I have 2 LF capable drives now and wouldn’t spend any money on this feature.

@Dee27 (Liggy), can we see a patched 477x firmwares soon?

I will be purchasing a 4571 very shortly thanks to the reviews and forum posts of the 4551, 4571 and other drives by the dedicated people here. I have learned a lot from your in-depth technical reviews and forum posts.

Thanks from a new member of this fact-filled and professionally run site.

SELURNATAS [Global Moderator at and]

Is this drive expected to make it to the US anytime soon? The 4571A. It appears that SVP has only the beige drive in stock, and I’ve never ordered from them. I didn’t get anything about them being able to ship to the US from reading their store faqs.

Anywhere else where I can purchase the silver color and that does ship to US? Thanks. Preferrably the best budget pricing including shipping and taxes, etc… Oem and or retail doesn’t really matter.

You can call some of the shops in Akihabara, Tokyo. It’s the biggest and best place in the whole of Japan to buy you name it in electronics so it’s highly unlikely that they will not have one in every colour :wink:

I’ve been there and it’s a fantastic place to go shopping. The staff speak English and you won’t get ripped off (Japanese are the most honest sellers on the planet). All it will cost you is a couple of international phone calls and I imagine they will have facilities for you to put it on your credit card and they would organise shipping as well.

Chillblast has silver and they ship to the US.