NEC ND-4551 LabelFlash drive not coming to the USA!

This kind of posts are going to nerve easily. IMO
Anyway, there are reasons, with a purpose.

I am looking for ND-4551A or the Maddog version of this drive, please let me know if see it on any USA website for sale.
thank you

I’m looking to buy this one also in USA.

I think it’s a question of licensing the LabelFlash technology from Yamaha. I’m not 100% sure if NEC USA has purchased a license at this time.

Has any one seen the NEC 4551 with LabelFlash appearing i n US market? if yes where?. Thanks

Has anyone found any information as to if or when the NEC 4551 will be sold in the US.
Sorry if this has been asked before, but I found nothing in a search concerning a US release of this drive.

Last I heard, NEC had no plans to bring the drive to the US. I don’t even think the media has shown up yet.

4550 is all I have seen in the US!

Where did you see the 4550?

Hi there,

I could not find the NEC-4550/4551 in Canada or the US, so I ordered the NEC-3550a.

Then again, I will not use DVD-RAM so the 3550a was the best choice for me.

Rebag Maddog

Thanks for the answers.
I am interested in playing around with the LF as well as the DVD-RAM media so it looks like I may have to contact a friend in the UK if i want to pick up this drive.
Thanks again!

Has any one seen NEC 4551 being offer in US so far?.

I’ve only seen 3550A.

No 3551/4550/4551

Which Maddog model? MD-16X3DVD9-8X?

Here’s the link for the MadDog 4550.

I ordered one from england and they will ship to the u.s. now if anyone can point me to what media is for labelflash… here is the link

This one:

Thanks for the link. I might go for the 4550. $65 delivered is not too bad.

thanks but I know WHAT media just not where to get it that ships to the u.s. reasoneably\