NEC ND-4551 LabelFlash drive not coming to the USA!

According to my contacts,

The NEC ND-4551 will not be available in the USA and they have no current plans to bring it here in the future.

Hmmmm, I wonder what our first LabelFlash drive will be here in the USA.

@ Wesociety,

It’s a disappointment to hear this information. I was hoping Santa Claus would be putting a NEC ND-4551 under the tree this Christmas.

Perchance do you have any amplifying information on NEC’s decision on not releasing the NEC ND-4551 in the USA?

Any Forum Member have any speculations as to why NEC would decide on not releasing the NEC ND-4551 in the USA?

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Licencing, Patents and HP lawyers.

Brother Vlad

Why would HP be involved? :confused:
AFAIK LabelFlash has nothing to do with Lightscribe as it uses a vastly different technology that was originally developed by Yamaha long before Lightscribe made an appearance.

I wouldn’t worry too much about this as long as the 4550 will be available. They are sharing the same hardware and someone will surely find a way to make Labelflash work on these drives :wink:

I have no need for labelflash so no big loss. What is getting old is the wait. NEC, BenQ and Liteon all have drives not yet available here. Come on guys, get with it or you will miss the Christmas rush. Once we get our winter heating bills the money will be gone.

Right on Chas0039.

ah-ha! I knew you had some tricks up your sleeve. :wink:
Now the only problem is getting some media.
I’ve been told that all the existing LabelFlash media is in Japan, but there is probably some given to other companies and manufacturers in Taiwan, etc.

@chas0039, very good point on the holiday shopping season!

@bjkg, I don’t know why they are not releasing it in the US.

Hello Folks,

Very pleased to hear Forum Member Liggy comments concerning the distinct possibility that NEC ND-4550 can be ‘hacked’ to allow for LabelFlash capabilities.

In viewing Forum Member comments concerning the differences between LabelFlash and LightScribe technology why would there be a Licensing, Patents and HP lawyer problem as suggested by Forum Member TheDangerousBros?

There has to be some large unknown obstacle preventing NEC from releasing the NEC ND-4551 in the USA. The USA retail market is a rather large market to simply ignore.

Would there be any legal consequences in purchasing a NEC ND-4551 from an overseas retailer and having the NEC ND-4551 sent to the USA when the NEC ND-4551 becomes available?

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Frustrating to read that info at first time, but growing hope when Liggy posted and replied. :wink:

So without the media it’s not worth discussing this any further. :disagree:

I didn’t say that it’s possible, I just wanted to say that the drives are sharing the same hardware.

3530@3540 didn’t work either, although both drives use the same hardware. But I guess I know what went wrong here. Unfortunately I didn’t find anyone to test something new…

NEC has not been very participative in the US retail market with their DVD burners.
Retail packages are sparse, I’ve seen some 3520 retail boxes at Fry’s Electronics recently. :eek:
NEC is more interested in OEM/rebadgers and bulk orders for the USA.

People import electronics all the time. There is no restriction against importing this drive that I know of.

How easy it is to forget that NEC has only been in the retail US market for about a year. Prior to that it was OEM or nothing.

What about ha ha no one gives a toss?

Any chance of MadDog releasing the drive here?

May be that USA will not have media for lableflash soon .

Liggy, I can get ahold of a 3530…you want me to test something 3530@3540?


I already found someone else who is willing to test this upgrade. If it works for him, I’ll give you the instructions on how you can upgrade yourself. Just make sure that the email address in your profile is working and you can receive a small tool there.

Agree completely. I do not see labelflash or lightscribe ever being of any importance to me. But I have gotten tired of waiting for the Nec 4550, I just ordered a Nec 3550 on Newegg last week. As I understand it, they are the same drive with the exception of DVD-RAM writing.

Hmm…too bad we don’t know anybody that can figure out how to crossflash NEC drives… :smiley: